Picking Up Slack When A Client’s Team Isn’t Enough

  • Post published:February 9, 2015

Every human being on Earth is only capable of so much. An excess of business is good business, as long as it’s sustainable; that’s where we come in. As a company specializing in all facets of software development, we’re used to picking up the slack when a client’s team is overwhelmed, overworked or simply incapable. This form of assignment makes up a large amount of what we do.

While we complete the majority of our projects start to finish, we also maintain when others can’t. We’re one of the web’s top sources for maintenance, or in other words, ensuring that your tools, utilities and resources work so that you can continue to do business. And while many companies, as mentioned, will employ their own teams, they know that we’re here as a trusted partner in the field when times get tough.

In one recent case, the situation was all but simple. A client came to us with a budding project concept with intense promise, as most of our clients do. However, the company’s Project Manager was so wrapped up in other projects that he was unable to provide us with consistent direction.

Making every project a success, no matter what.

One of our top developers, Saleh Ahmad, single-handedly defined targets, goals and generated a project plan based on the initial requirements we’d been provided. When our client grasped that we’d essentially taken over his team’s leadership, he not only knew that he needed to make alterations within the realm of his workload but that vteams would be a company he could count on. Getting his project done, as promised. No matter what.