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Note Taking Feature of a Meeting Scheduler App using AngularJS

  • Post published:October 30, 2015

A Meeting Scheduler web application provides its users to manage, structure, record and follow-up on their meetings. They can set the agenda, meet and get things done. Users can take notes, record decisions, assign tasks during the meeting. It also has a task manager that facilitates the organizer to follow-up on tasks.

This project was assigned to vteam #352. Redesign of its Note taking feature which is used by users to record meeting Agenda or Minutes, tasks assigned during the meeting and decisions made during the meeting was required.


The existing Note taking feature page was very slow, specially when there was a lengthy agenda of a particular meeting with so many topics and notes. This page was an important part of this meeting scheduler application. Users spent most of their time on Note taking page during a meeting. That is why, a fast and more user friendly Note taking page was required.


The biggest challenge faced was the auto-save agenda feature on every change request. vteams engineer Rehmat Qadir proposed a solution to re-develop the Note taking page in AngularJS for better UI performance on which Client agreed.

The page was re-designed using AngularJS for the front-end while back-end was still in Rails. Page optimization was also done.


Client of vteam #352 was very happy with the performance of new Note taking page of the application. Now the page was 10 times faster than the previous implementation. Loading of the agenda speed also improved to a much extent. It became more user friendly and convenient/quick/easy to use.