E-Currency Converter & Braintree Payment Integration

  • Post published:July 23, 2015

A payment solution was required from vteam #537 for an online event registration and ticketing platform. This platform is for those people who miss out from attending a registered conference/event/convention and wants to sell their tickets/pass just few days before the actual event. Buyers will be those people who couldn’t register for that particular event when the registration was open will be able to search and buy event pass from this platform.


For such websites, our target was to find a robust, flexible and cheaper payment solution. Also, we needed to integrate a real time currency converter in the website because buyers and sellers can be from different regions of the world as required by our client.


For meeting the requirement, we explored different options and selected Braintree as a payment gateway. Reason being it works for all type of credit card transactions and PayPal payments. It is less costly than any other payment gateway. It also offers first $50K transactions free of cost.

Along with Braintree payment integration, we also added a real-time e-currency converter feature for customers to see event pass price in their local currency by using Yahoo finance API.

PHP, Yii, MVC, MySQL, Payment gateway (Braintree), E-currency converter, Yahoo finance API tools and technologies were used in this online ticketing platform.