Developed an application based on minimal requirements

  • Post published:October 8, 2015

An application was required  by client of vteam #387 which is free for schools and bus companies/organizations through which admin can track and manage their buses routes easily.  It was going to be a native (hybrid) mobile application where parents/students could see the bus location and that location would be tracked by using GPS (Bus Drivers would also use the application). Client also needed a portal where companies/schools could register (sign up/in) and  also manage their routes, drivers and bus locations.

Main challenge faced by our developer Ghulam Rasool was to mold all these basic requirements into a proper project plan because client was not  available for months due to a heart surgery. By proper analysis of  the basic requirements,  he himself presented them into detailed requirements and then divided those requirements into further tasks and started development accordingly.

Application Development:

During development phase, Ghulam Rasool designed the web services which are useable in mobile applications. After web services development, he started native (hybrid) application development in PhoneGap. By using the web services, HTML and JavaScript, he developed the application for “Drivers and Parents/Students”. Drivers could SignUp/Sign In to application and start bus tracking using GPS (the positions “latitude and longitude” were saved using web services). Parents/Students could now select a bus route from list and see the exact bus (real time) location on Google Map.

Client’s Feedback:

After recovery, client was back to work. At that time, application demo (Android version) was given by Ghulam Rasool. Client liked the idea and appreciated developer’s efforts as the App Demo exactly matched his expectations.

Client then provided his feedback on the application for more modifications. Now he needed a web portal where companies could register themselves, set a Key that would be used for their drivers’ registrations (In the mobile application, drivers could register themselves by using that key which would associate them with their company). He also explained more details for the web portal where admin could create routes, see all the registered drivers and most importantly see the locations of all buses.

Modifications in App:

Ghulam Rasool then modified the mobile application and web services. He also developed the Web portal for Companies and School Admins as per Client’s requirement. The whole project was developed by using the following tools & technologies:

  • PHP
  • Phonegap (Apache Cordova)
  • jQuery
  • jQuery mobile
  • Google Maps

After the development, application’s beta version was launched on Google PlayStore and iStore (Windows 8.1 application is also developed and is ready to launch).