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Chrome Scraper Extension for an Online Jobs Portal

  • Post published:April 1, 2016

vteam #215 was hired to develop a chrome scraper extension for an online jobs portal. Chrome Scraper Extension is a tool that helps users scrap/extract data from the jobs portal in Chrome Browser. Following technologies were used in this Chrome Scraper Extension:

  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • Bootflat (Framework based on CSS3.0 and Bootstrap)

How Scraper Extension Works

This scraper extension extracts the data from the recruitment portal according to user’s requirement. When the User opens the recruitment portal web page and right click on it, Export to CSV option is displayed. Once clicked on it, a popup appears that provides an option to scrap the data from all the pages of a selected search or current page only.

The Scraper has three main sections:

1- Scrap Options and Buttons Sections

If a user selects “Records On This Page” option, the extension will scrap the data from current page only. But if “All Records in This Search” option is selected, the extension will scrap the data from all the pages automatically and generate a CSV file and download it. The scraping will start by clicking on the Start button. Click on Stop & Download button, will stop the scraping immediately and download the CSV. The download arrow will show the progress spinning icon once the scraping starts.

2- Records Exported

This section will show the records count exported till now.

3- Slider

This section contains slides for Company Advertisement.


The scraper extension was provided to the client of vteam #215 that helped his users import the required information/text fields from the website.