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Artificial Intelligence: Your Friend or Foe?

  • Post published:September 23, 2022

The world is moving towards its last breaths. Let me tell you, have you ever watched the movie “WALL-E?” It’s a must-watch! 

That movie explained the power factor of the human race and how the AI-controlled human thoughts and mindsets can even replace anything using the rotten concept of “trending” for instance, changing the colors like AI will tell that Blue is the new Red and people will believe that fair and square without figuring it out.

Artificial Intelligence: Your Friend or Foe? 1

The above picture is telling you how the human body transformed from fit and activity to fat and lazy life has ever witnessed.

That’s a concept from the movie, but it’s not true, at least not yet.

What AI is doing in the World today (2023-2032):

Artificial Intelligence: Your Friend or Foe? 2

Today, AI is our friend, because we desperately need AI to make and reach the impossible. What’s that? What is meant by impossible? Well, in 2023, it is all about fast working power and earning money with growth how this happens? The answer is through an “AI engineer”, these talented people are providing the most crafted service in today’s world.

However, let’s talk about other things related to artificial intelligence. People want to grow their businesses faster and with reliability. There are some amazing ways to increase these factors.

But how does it help businesses? That’s the biggest question in today’s era!

You see, business ways have turned upside down post-COVID pandemic, and I believe every bad time or the bad day comes with an opportunity. And that opportunity is to see the business world differently. Well, my friend, we have introduced online business terms that will give you time to think along with an online working team for your business growth. vteams is here to handle your business how you want to see and succeed.

So, coming back to our topic, “AI Engineer.” Yes, we have artificial intelligence engineers for you on cheap deals so you can run your business easily. We respect your approach and take responsibility for entertaining you in every aspect of the business.

Where do we slip when we rely on AI?

The answer is so simple. When you allow AI into your personal life, right there, you blew yourself away because you have given the rights of your life to a technology designed and created by humans. It’s not natural anymore.

Control over AI is very important, and there are things that you can do when you make the decisions and do some thinking that is more interesting and suitable for your timing and is beneficial for yourself, and the ways to decrease the functionalities or avoid some activities.

Training yourself is important before you completely turn into a slave of AI technology, and there is no one to blame, not even your AI engineer or artificial intelligence technology.

Does AI Help Fighting with Emotional Breakdown?

Artificial Intelligence: Your Friend or Foe? 3

Sheen Gwee, VP and Head of Digital Strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb, says digital health solutions could address the dual challenges of timely care and consistent quality. It is his belief that digital therapeutics, which are evidence-based, clinically evaluated software tools that help treat, manage, and prevent a wide range of diseases, are the future of healthcare.

Can these innovations diagnose complex health conditions just from the human voice, which is created by AI engineers’ design algorithms?

The pitch, energy, tonal quality, and rhythm of a person’s voice vary when we listen to them speak, according to David Liu, CEO of Sonde Health. This method is known as audio signal processing because it breaks down a few seconds of voice recording into thousands of distinct characteristics.

Despite a lack of awareness, a small change in someone’s voice every few milliseconds may indicate changes in their body and health. As a result of this rich dataset, it is possible to determine which vocal characteristics correlate with different diseases and health changes. Our AI algorithms can detect the vocal patterns that are common among patients suffering from certain health conditions by using data from thousands of individuals.

Liu adds, “Once we confirm that these parameters are good indicators of a particular health condition symptom, we refer to this specific subset of acoustic features as ‘vocal biomarkers.’ We then carefully evaluate which of these biomarkers work best in different settings, across diverse groups and patient demographics.”

This approach enabled machine learning (ML) models that could predict when people may experience depression symptoms. The model measures six vocal biomarkers, such as how dynamic your voice is when speaking or how well you can hold your vocal pitch.

The Short-Cut Version: Read it for Quick Learning

Everyone knows what artificial intelligence is in these times. Well, it’s a technology that can connect you and con you at the same time. Getting controlled by it or controlling it depends upon your call.

My suggestion is: Use AI for professional life, not for personal use. Period.

Questions in Your Mind?

Will AI replace humans in the future? Or Maybe Now?

Assisted by artificial intelligence, people are able to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks more efficiently. In the modern era, artificial intelligence is capable of performing a wide range of everyday tasks with considerable expertise, and almost all repetitive tasks can be automated using AI. But can AI technology actually replace humans? The answer is simply, NO.

Can we live without AI today?

Those early scientists’ perseverance contributed to the success of AI, something we use every day in our homes, at work, and on social media. Only our imagination and computers’ power seem to limit the potential of AI.

Where to find skilled AI engineers in the US?

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