Accessing Internal Device Memory Using OTG Cable

  • Post published:June 5, 2015

Sometimes, GPS device does not support OTG while connecting to android devices. When you connect your device to an OTG cable, nothing will happen. While working on a project in which there was a need to connect GARMIN GPS device to android devices via OTG cable, we encountered an issue related to internal memory of android devices.


Problem occurred while connecting a GPS device with OTG cable to android devices. Internal memory was not accessible in the presence of SD card in device.


We built a prototype for Android 3.2 API and tested it with different scenarios to resolve this issue. The behavior found in GARMIN device was different even in the same environment:

  • 2 out of 10 times both storages were mounted correctly
  • Most of the time, only one storage was mounted
  • Sometimes one storage mounted and for the other one “Damaged Storage” error was shown

The above behavior had been informed by Android UI and sample prototype. To make sure that what was going underway to kernel devices, we used the following solution:

  1. Connected Android device to computer with ADB over Wifi
  2. Used linux commands to watch the system activity on Android device kernel
  3. Same behavior found on low system level


GARMIN device had non-stable behavior for providing access to dual storage. As tested with normal USB storage, OTG cable worked perfectly fine. Even OTG Explorer on device could not access dual storage of GARMIN device.