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A custom video editor for the iPad for Field Reporters

  • Post published:April 2, 2014

A-custom-video-editor-for-the-iPad-for-Field-ReportersIRVideoEditor is developed for reporters of an online news agency. The purpose of this application is to allow uploads of sports videos to the master online database through by using just the iPad. Field reporters can access their assignments directly on the iPad and shoot the event using HD Video Cameras. The application allows the reporter to log events [like scores in a play] while the play is being shot. At the end of the event, the reporter saves all logged events as an XML file. Then the reporter imports the video to the iPad using an SD Card Adapter. The app converts the video from .MTS format to .MOV format.


Our team had to think outside the box to interact with the SD card reader because it is not supported natively on the iPad.


The challenges that vteam #276 faced during development of this application are as follows:

  1. Integration of FFMPEG library to convert .MTS video format to .MOV was a big challenge. We were building libavformat.a, libavcodec.a, libavdevice.a from a mac machine, but these libraries were not getting compatible with the project. We compiled these libraries on a 32bit window machine and added them to our project. We had to compile it on a 32 bit to make it working with simulators. For armv7 architecture, we build it on 64 bit machine.
  2. Copying more than 10GB of data was another issue that we faced during development. The application was crashing after copying 1GB of data. Resolution was to remove few extra threads. While copying the video, video information like clip size, clip creation date were fetching in threads. By removing few extra threads, we were able to copy large video data.