vteams is a software development company based in the USA. Formed in 1993, CEO Mark Mian brought vteams to life as a one-man team, and has since groomed the organization into one of the most honest offshore development companies in the industry today. To the right of this text, take a look at our candid summaries on the company’s skills, formulated with a critical eye.

Our sales office in the U.S. develops and maintains long-term relationships with our clients, whom we provide software development, mobile app development and network consultancy services from three cities of Pakistan: Lahore, Islamabad and Multan. This year we are slated to open new sales and development centers globally.

We keep a steady eye on global trends. Thus, we’ve recently stepped into new ventures like Hyperconversion; SaaS for PPC marketing, Open Source Billing; an open source software to manage billing and invoices, and NextRobotics; Pakistan’s first Robotics company.


Mobile Applications85%
Network Services85%

Why Choose Us

We aren't far; your account manager is located in Tolland, Connecticut.

Unlike traditional offshore companies, often lacking the ability to provide quality communication and results, our sales office is right here in the United States. When you call vteams, you contact our experienced American representative, who understands your goals and challenges. Likewise, if you counter any problem during the development of your project, you’re not forced to wait the night to speak to someone. Your account manager is available in your time zone to listen to your concerns and offer a solution.

Your developer(s) are your own employee(s), working offshore.

Our developers become your full-time employees as soon as you hire them. They work for you 160 hours a month, five days a week. With our guidance, they follow your company’s goals, vision and deadlines. Consider them your own employees working in your personal offshore center.

We manage your project's development.

Regardless of the number of developers hired, each client gets a complimentary development manager to oversee their team in person, on their behalf. Your manager is your immediate supervisor within this offshore center. The development manager himself carries 8+ years of experience, ensuring that your developer(s) complete their work hours, maintain code quality, meet deadlines and follow any special instructions you might have.

Add developers over an email. Remove developers over an email.

With vteams, you are in total control of your team and cost. This puts you in the driver’s seat; add developers if the work picks up or a deadline nears, and subtract them when winding down or facing budget constraints. All this without any formalities; you can add or remove developer(s) from your vteam over a simple email.

Work with any developer free for five days.

Words and promises mean little when hiring a new development company. To counter this fear, the first five days of your experience with vteams are on us. Test our developers, managers, and working model; if you aren’t happy, let us know and you remain free of responsibility.