Your First Day

What happens when your “vteam” starts

First, the Kick off Meeting

At vteams we believe in momentum and structure, and this first meeting brings together you, the client, along with an assigned team of developers who may be globally distant and yet ever present when it comes to your dedicated project plan. Soon, your developers will be busy coding on your behalf and the kick off meeting is an opportunity to communicate schedules, accountability, and set the tone for the entire project.  Over time, both the client and developers have found this meeting to be extremely helpful as it answers initial questions and sets the project tone as you move forward.

Making Progress

To start, you will be introduced to your team, along with a dedicated vteam Development Manager who will walk you through Redmine, our web based project management platform. Here you will see a forum for discussions, issue tracking, program roadmaps, activity tracking, and download. We like to think of Redmine as our virtual conference room, and invite you to check in often as a way to monitor progress.

In addition to getting to know your team and project management tools, you will also receive the developers’ Skype Id’s and e-mail addresses which are unique to your project. No other work will get in the way of your goals, because contact information is renewed with every client project. This means no interruptions from previous work, just a constant focus on the coding to be done.

The kick off meeting is also a time to choose when you want your developers, “on seat.”  You’ll choose from 11 hour shifts, and decide on an eight hour workday in order to meet U.S. schedules.

Kick-off Meeting Benefits
  • No charge
  • Get to know your team
  • Introduction to Redmine
  • Contact information and schedules exchanged
  • Set schedules


Client Services: The Test Drive
Oftentimes, our clients come to vteams already weary from a faltered project. And to that, we want to assure you of our project dedication. We stand by our mission of providing virtual and yet global developer talent for the past 20 years. Our free, one-week trial puts you in the driver’s seat so you can let the experience speak for itself. It’s a free trial to test out organization, see how we do when it comes to communication, and response time.

Work with vteams and you’ll know what it’s like to partner with the most highly skilled, sought after developers who may be a world away, and yet are still in control of your programming efforts from day one. We are serious about our work and know you are too. E-mail us today: