Faster, Better, Cheaper…Pick All Three

At vteams, we don’t make excuses.

The concept of “faster, cheaper, better” service has been manipulated and attributed inferior properties because it’s been taken advantage of; used as a bargaining chip, or an excuse, instead of the successful model that it truly can be, in the right hands.

Where as other companies may expect you to compromise project quality in favor of speedy completion or ask that you sacrifice valuable time in exchange for a better price, we’re breaking the mold to bring you the ultimate trifecta.

Faster project completion. Better quality work. Cheaper price. Always.

The phrase is commonly tossed around in the engineering world:

“Faster, better, cheaper – pick two.”

We get it.

In order to set client expectations that will be easily attainable, companies will present only two of these options, however limiting, as the norm. They want to be sure you’ll be satisfied with the final outcome by setting the bar just a bit lower from the start; it’s easier on them this way, and clients come out never knowing they could have had all three.

But here at vteams, we see this as the lazy way out, and a large part of the reason our network of industry professionals have been hand-picked for vteams is because they set the bar so high. In short, we’ll never ask you to comprise, because we don’t need to.

Our retention rates speak for themselves.

Does it work?

The key isn’t magic, it’s competency.

One great example is India’s Mars Orbiter.

With a comparatively modest budget of $74 million (the cheapest interplanetary mission in history), the spacecraft was announced, crafted and successfully launched in about two years’ time. Since then, the Orbiter has been a thriving source of information on Mars’ atmosphere and surface.


As CNN reported,

“The United States couldn’t do it on its first try. Neither could the Soviets.

“In true underdog fashion, India launched its ultra-budget spacecraft and bested the Americans and Europeans by becoming the first nation to succeed in sending a spacecraft into Mars’ orbit on its initial attempt.”

It’s in this way that vteams mirrors the competency and initiative that epitomizes India’s Mars Orbiter mission.

In an industry that someone’s always asking you to compromise and concede, we’ve truly broken the mold, and you benefit.

Our promise to you.

Our model is “FBC” and we’re establishing the full package as the new norm.

We’d love to show you what we can do.

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