Minnesota Based EDS Chooses vteams for a Low Cost, Yet Affordable Off-shore PHP Developer

Electronic Data Services (EDS) is an electronic data clearinghouse for dental claims. As a result, providers bypass paper intensive processes in lieu of filing electronic claims.  It’s an innovative business, but also requires extensive software development in order to support their vendor, provider, and payer interfaces.

In-house development covers most projects, however the company does require extra help when additional projects arise. This was exactly the case when a recent PHP programmer left the company in need of a contractor to keep them on schedule.  As a result the owner, Gary Griffith, was tasked with hiring an affordable, yet senior level developer who could tackle his code. And although he had used overseas developers in the past, Griffith wanted to try someone new so he could maximize his budget costs.

vteams Has Affordable and Qualified Developers

“We had used an outsourcer before, actually on three other occasions,” said Griffith. “One was out of India and we had good luck with them. Another was out of New York and it didn’t go well.  And then finally we used another company local to us. But in the end, all three contractors still turned out to be too costly.”

Competitive Contractor Rates Make a Difference

Griffith discovered vteams in an online search and found the contractor fees to not only be lower than what he had previously experienced, but that the developers were well qualified, spoke English, and ready to work on a U.S. workday schedule. These were key points for Griffith, since his prior experience with off-shore contractors meant going through a third-party translator in order to communicate.

Ready to get his project moving forward, Griffith selected vteams and was immediately able to correspond with his developer. Not only did he get a competitive rate, but was able to work with a reliable developer he could relate to.

Senior Level Developers

Overall, “There have been no bumps in the road,” said Griffith. “My developer is always available, is a very qualified senior developer, and I have absolutely no regrets about working with him.”

A Promising Future

The EDS project has a promising future too as the vteam is still working on their code. And they are doing so with ease, said Griffith. “My developer is probably juggling between five to six projects at once, and that is hard to do. And like anyone else, I was skeptical about working with an off-shore developer again, but glad I went with vteams. I would recommend them to anyone,” he said.