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We have a lot of good PHP engineers. Most of them are way above average and have a lot of real-world project development experience. Our goal is to mentor them and coach them into becoming even better engineers. Our focus is usually on using the best frameworks and writing PHP code in a standard way.

Our engineers are equipped with latest frameworks in PHP i.e. Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Zend and CodeIgniter… read more


JavaScript is most demanding skill for creating web applications and hybrid mobile applications. Our engineers are trained in full stack JavaScript i.e. MEAN and MERN stacks. MEAN stack provides front end in Angular and backend in Node.js while MERN stack has front end in React while backend in Node.js

Most of the clients with bigger products have their hybrid mobile apps as well. We are developing hybrid mobile apps... read more


We are working on Microservices architecture for our in-house products. The front-end of these products are based on Angular and Express.js is used to write backend services. We are using Kong as an API Gateway for our services. Each service is containerized using Docker. We are also using Kafka as a message queue to generate reports in real time.

Microservices gives you liberty to write services in any technology and independently deploy them and interact with the main application. We have full command on Microservices and Service Oriented Architecture. We periodically conduct internal trainings on different architectures to keep our engineers up-to-date with technological advancements.



When it comes to the rails framework, we not only absolutely adore RoR, we put our money where our mouth is.

If you spend some time on our site, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that we’re not just a programming services company. In reality, we’re a product development company who happens to sell programming services.

For our internal and external products, we have repeatedly chosen the RoR framework… read more


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new. It has been around for decades. However, due to greater processing speeds and access to vast amounts of rich data, AI is beginning to take root in our everyday lives.

From natural language generation and voice or image recognition to predictive analytics, machine learning, and driverless cars… read more



Python is the second most beautiful programming language that was ever invented. And Django is the most prevalent framework for Python. It may not be as beautiful as Python, but it’s powerful, and we have some damn good engineers who know it inside-out.

Python is our all-in-one toolkit for solving unusual problems in software engineering. We use it as a glue code and also as the main toolkit.

We don’t just use python for web development. We use it as the main scripting language in almost all of our embedded projects and hardware development projects.



The .NET framework and our teams go way back. In fact, we developed our first ASP solution (the precursor to .NET) in 1997 for a famous lottery system. We developed the ASP code when the official spec for ASP was not even published by Microsoft.

We have kept on growing and continued to provide quality services in many companies using .Net and Microsoft technologies… read more



This may come as a surprise to you, but you can use a vteam to develop hardware. This includes electronics and mechanical design. As you know by now, we are our own customer. And here is a list of products we’ve developed for ourselves:

An iPad controlled snowblower: This machine was conceived by me [Mark Mian], and I used vteams engineers to help me design and build it. The iPad and Android code for this machine was written by vteams engineers.

An iPad controlled lawn mower robot: This is our second machine which is going to be released in Spring of 2013. The hardware has been developed already, and the machine has been tested. Currently, we’re working on the software to see if we can make this machine autonomous

A 3D printer: Our mechanical design team is working on developing a 3D printer kit for the third-world market. You will be able to find out more about this later this year.


The Robotics division is an initiative taken by vteams just to ensure the future of technology & Robotics. For over more than 5 years, this division is dealing with Robotics & other like projects & also planning to build some of its own creations under the supervision of highly intellectual team of experts.

The main role of robotics division is to work on several projects. As the matter of fact, some of the projectsread more