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Accessing Internal Device Memory Using OTG Cable

Sometimes, GPS device does not support OTG while connecting to android devices. When you connect your device to an OTG cable, nothing will happen. While working on a project in which there was a need to connect GARMIN GPS device to an android devices via OTG cable, we encountered an issue related to internal memory of android devices. Problem….

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OpenCV in Swift MAC – OSX Project

OpenCV is basically an OpenSource library having the best frameworks for video processing. In an OSX project, we had to implement OpenCV libraries in Swift language for MAC application. This article covers that how OpenCV libraries are used in a Linux/MAC application. Following are the steps to be followed: 1- Download latest OpenCV source code for….

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How To Upgrade Rails 2 To Rails 3.0.0

In a project if there is a need to upgrade the rails 2 version to its latest version 3.0.0, one need to install 2.3.5 first, then install rails 2.3.18 and then finally install 3.0.0. Recommended way is to do step by step upgradation. In this way, you will be able to diagnose and resolve issuesone by one instead of trying to resolve all at once. Rails upgradation from….

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Migration From ‘Attachment_fu’ Plugin To Paperclip

Overview: While upgrading a rails application from rails (3.0.10) to rails (3.1.12), we encountered a gem attachment_fu that needed to be replaced either by the famous Paperclip or Carrierwave or any other gem of your own choice. The reason being attachment_fu is a plugin and plugins support is no more available in rails latest version….

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