Product Description

Bevv is a two-in-one, e-commerce, and marketplace solution for the craft alcohol industry.It allows breweries & cideries; niche bottle shops to sell directly to the consumer and permits the producer to have an online beer/cider presence. The platform help consumers reach new beer and cider enthusiasts. Think of Bevv as a NEW sales channel alongside your current ones.

If you are selling beer/cider to-go why wouldn’t you use It’s the same process.It is widely accepted that you can order your favorite bottle of Chardonnay straight from a small winery in Napa. It facilitates the transaction in a safe and compliant manner. Bev is not a retailer; it does not hold the product. It’s a technology medium between the buyer and a seller.

Main Features

  • Compliance
  • A storefront on the Bevv master platform
  • Long-distance delivery
  • Local on-demand delivery out 10-15 miles from the taproom
  • Instant payment upon order
  • An online presence for both sales and marketing
  • Label generation and order notification
  • Ability to sell your swag as well

Technology Stacks

Solidus API
Ruby on Rails