Portfolio : RoR

Union Connect

UnionConnect is a platform that contains web and hybrid mobile apps used to empower Locals/Unions and its members to interact with each other. It is the first communication platform for mobile devices(Android/Ios) built specifically for the needs of labor movements to communicate directly and instantly with their members across hybrid mobile devices. Unions can sign up and setup different modules according to the chosen plan. It has different modules/tools to offer its union and members, like Push notifications, Upcoming events, Customization for each member, Automated news feeds, Social media integration, Groups, Custom forms, Customization for each member, and many more. Admin can send push notifications to a specific user or whole union for any update. Users can do a live chat with their group members.


Bevv is a two-in-one, e-commerce, and marketplace solution for the craft alcohol industry.It allows breweries & cideries; niche bottle shops to sell directly to the consumer and permits the producer to have an online beer/cider presence. The platform help consumers reach new beer and cider enthusiasts. Think of Bevv as a NEW sales channel alongside your current ones. If you are selling beer/cider to-go why wouldn’t you use Bevv.com? It’s the same process.It is widely accepted that you can order your favorite bottle of Chardonnay straight from a small winery in Napa. It facilitates the transaction in a safe and compliant manner. Bev is not a retailer; it does not hold the product. It’s a technology medium between the buyer and a seller.

Meeting King

MeetingKing makes it easy to manage, structure, record, and follow-up on your meetings. Simply set the agenda, meet, and get things done. With this platform, all participants can easily work together on the agenda, share documents, and provide updates on tasks. Definitely no confusion about the agenda, constant access to the latest presentation, action items, and notes visible to one and all. Inbox is organized on a server or in 4 different tools in the cloud. The central interactive task-list ensures that things get done neatly. The task manager sends automatic reminders to one and all. Moreover, the dashboard keeps track of what others are supposed to do.