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Ortho Care on Demand Provider

Ortho Care on Demand Provider permits you to connect directly with an orthopedic surgeon within 20 minutes. The board-certified doctor will first listen to your problem and then try to resolve it. The app aims to provide you convenience. Ortho Care on Demand connects you with a board-certified, hospital affiliated doctor 24/7/365. Within minutes, a doctor will contact you ready to listen, and resolve your issue.


ReTeam by BeRemote LLC application is designed specifically for business teams to enhance their team collaboration experiences. Any business can benefit from this app to strengthen interactions, maintain trust, respect, and overall productivity of their teams. ReTeam by BeRemote LLC provides support for business teams, coaches and mentors, youth groups and home care where we need teams who are not colocated. The BeRemote app by BeRemote LLC is an app designed for Professional Teams, Business, HR, Coaches and Mentors to help improve interaction, trust, respect, and overall productivity of the team.

The Peace Watchers

The Peace Watchers is a community safety app designed to provide quick responses during emergencies. The peace watchers on the map remain available to supply any sort of help at all times. The purpose of The Peace Watchers is to lighten the anxiety between Police Officers AND the Communities they serve. The high level anxiety in these interactions has caused far too much pain and loss in our world. The Peace Watchers was created for the PEACE and SAFETY of EVERYONE!