Portfolio : AI

Lights Control Using IOT

Description Software-enabled lighting controls, enabled by the smart lighting and Internet of Things (IoT) evolution, will be a game-changer in the world of lighting and will ultimately transform the industry. A project was developed to control the in-house lights. By using relay, a controller board send a signal to light the bulb as it receives a signal from web server.

Health Pod IOT

Health pods that perform general check-ups on their users within minutes. And stores user's medical history.  Users can be screened for body temperature, blood pressure, body height and weight. In just 5 minutes, the AI-assisted pod can give an indication of health state and advise where to go for a preventive check-up.

Flight School AI

This product provides a platform to people of different industries mainly aviation to improve their knowledge for pilot tests. This product is mainly a quiz application for Pilots. The gamification concept prevents the people from getting bored of the usual quiz concept. This product is exclusively built on micro services architecture using Docker, Kong, Celery, Rabbit MQ etc. In the product we track the user each activities and provide them a personalized screen based on AI.