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vteam #339. Developed a Quote System

  • Post published:May 19, 2014


Team span: April 2012 to March 2013
Duration: 10 Months
Technology: PHP 5.3/MySQL (PDO)
Development Manager: Sohail Ashraf
Engineers: Adnan Haider, Shoaib Hassan
Reason for closure: Client’s boss was unwilling to continue the work.

Project Problem: Create Product Quote Application for Corporate Site and its Partners

Quotes, product lists, pricing, reporting – all of these features were to be included in a sales management application which would be accessible via the web for both a parent company and its subsidiaries. But that’s not all, the browser based application would also include access to a Re-seller site as well. There was lots of work to do, and vteam #339 quickly got to work. But we weren’t just rewriting code, the client needed vteam #339 to start from scratch. And so we did, and soon developed capabilities for sales order creations and purchased product renewals.

Project Solution: Application Development is Swiftly Underway

vteam #339 resource started off by developing customized product lists which could be associated with contact details for submission. From there, an admin panel served as a management portal from which a customer quote was developed for further processing. The admin panel was further designed so the client could review customers, quotes, sales orders, product inventory, and reports. New sales could also be created and partner products could be imported to reduce manual entries. It was a fluid process, and worked so well for the client that they wanted to restructure all of their sites and make them cross-browser compatible. This was no problem as vteam #339 resource made designs for the new pages, and also created additional admin and reseller mock-up panels. Thus, the project came to a stop, but not because of vteams. The client lacked internal communication, and the vteam #339 developer sat idle. With little to no work left, the client requested the project closure.

Project Results:  Progress is Halted as Corporate Decision Makers Say No More

If it weren’t for decision maker restrictions, the project would either still be in progress or successfully completed.