Scraping Of Events Data From United States Official Websites Using Eventful API

  • Post published:August 20, 2015


Team span: July 2015 to August 2015
Duration: 2 weeks
Technology: PHP 5.5/MySQL, Laravel
Development Manager: Atta Rehman
Engineer: Mahmood Ali Waseem
Reason for closure: Client gone AWOL

vteam #560 was formed for a web based project which provides different events information in all States/Cities of United States. Users can search events in their respective cities and can plan their weekends and holidays accordingly. To meet the requirement, we used events information APIs and scraped data from official websites of States/Cities.

For New York City, we scraped events information from website. It was easy because New York City website has Calendar API page where it provides JSON data on page numbers. To see it, click on the link below:

We stored the data in local database and then filtered the data on search and sort.

In similar way, we scraped data for other websites accordingly. We also consumed Eventful API and stored data in local database. Following tools and technologies were used:

  • PHP5
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • AJAX
  • REST
  • Git


After two weeks time, Client disappeared without notifying vteam #560. We tried to contact Client for further project work but due to his unavailability, we had to close vteam #560.