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Revamped a Web based Patient Referral Application

  • Post published:January 8, 2016


Team span: October 2014 to October 2015
Duration: 1 year
Technology: PHP5, MySQL 5, HTML 5, Twillio API, Vault API, Bootstrap, Pie Charts, jQuery Plugins
Development Manager: Saadat Ali
Engineers: Ikram Hassan, Abdul Moid, Ali Farhan
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

Patient referral network is a system where patients, physicians, health care professionals can refer patients to vendors/doctors in an interactive way. The network is divided into two major applications; open network and organizational network on the basis of their groups. In Open Network, everyone is free to join and refer patient(s) to vendors whereas in Organizational network patient referral is made only within that specific organization.

Open Network also has a Super Admin that can create new organization, generate separate code repository with separate database and setup all pre/post configurations on the fly, with their own separate permalink/taxonomy within some specific groups within the application’s domain.


The client of vteam #493 required us to revamp his partially developed application and create a more user-friendly one with more functionality. Team Lead Ikram Hassan was provided with the encrypted code of that partially developed App. The code was decrypted by applying decryption techniques and algorithms but it contained far less functionality as compared to the features that were running on the website. After a detailed discussion with the client, a timeline was suggested accordingly to complete the missing features before implementing new modules.


At first, vteams engineers Ikram Hassan and Abdul Moid completed all the missed/non functional modules within the given time estimate. After that, the following modules were developed:

  • Created the Signup/Login and forgot password functionality
  • Modified new referral process to add up a new criteria for all users types and control panels except the super admin
  • Physician, Patient, Hospital could refer patients to vendors/doctors
  • Added vendor-user referrals functionality
  • On the creation of every referral activity i.e. new user signup, create referral, receive referral, approve/reject referral etc, an SMS was generated by using Vaut/Twillio APIs
  • For every referral activity i.e. new user signup, create referral, receive referral, approve/reject referral etc, email templates were created
  • Added up multiple admin users with specific permissions
  • Divided the network into two networks i.e. open/free network and organizational network
  • Implemented the organizational network panels that contained Physician, Hospital, Vendors and Admin panels with functionality as compared to open network
  • Every organization had its own database, separate code and separate access URLs
  • Every organization’s signup was created in a specific group
  • Super Admin could create a new organization, code, database and permalinks on run time
  • Added database driven Email/Inbox/Compose/Trash functionality on both Open and Organizational networks
  • Added visual and graphical data reports using Pie charts
  • Added automated Cron jobs to approve/reject referrals at a specified duration and time
  • Provided Physician, Patient and Healthcare control user roles to Super admin with full rights


All modules and features were completed within the estimated time along with proper QA testing by our QA engineer Ali Farhan. Weekly/bi-weekly meetings were held with the client to discuss the progress being made. Client was delighted due to successful project completion.