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Property Management System for Property Owners

  • Post published:October 26, 2015


Team span: May 2015 to October 2015
Duration: 6 Months
Technology: PHP 5.6/MySQL, Laravel 4.2, HTML5, jQuery, Git, Ubuntu
Development Manager: Fakhar Abbas
Engineer: Saba Shahbaz
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

vteam #552 built a Property Management System (PMS) for property owners/managers. This system allows rental property owners and managers (POMs) be able to maintain the records of their properties by scheduling maintenance and hiring service providers to perform the tasks needed. One part of the application was already built for service providers user type but the second part of the application was needed to built for property owners type of users with more friendly user interface.

Client of vteam #552 was in dire need of a new MVC based application for its  property owners/managers type of users to keep track of all their rental properties’ details at one place. This system should provide them an ability to keep detailed records and information about their rental properties. Also keep units against properties to track each tenant’s rent amount, lease start and end date, lease renewal notices, termination notices. Moreover, the system should organize POMs finances of rental income, payments, expenses, utilities, taxes, insurance per unit and per property. To schedule preventive property maintenance, this PMS should have a separate module for tenants to easily track maintenance issues by property unit.


vteams engineer Saba Shahbaz developed the required PMS using PHP 5.6/MySQL, Laravel 4.2, HTML5, jQuery, Git and Ubuntu tools and technologies. This PMS is sufficiently competent at keeping the track of property information, providing property maintenance, organizing POMs finances, managing POMs tenants, collecting rent and understanding municipal laws. It includes the following modules but is not limited to such scope:

  • Bulk Upload/ Importer: Import Entire Property Portfolio including properties,units and tenants
  • Emails Management: Anonymous emails creation for POMs to secure their personal information and management of incoming emails to system
  • Dynamic sub-domain for POM’s tenants: For custom user experience, every POM have a unique sub-domain for his/her tenants to access the tenant portal
  • Owner Portal: Give Owners Instant Access
  • Transaction Reports: Real-time Owner Transaction Reports for rental income, payments, expenses, utilities, taxes, insurance per unit
  • Tenant Portal: Created a Portal at Rented.Rentals for each tenant, from where they can request for maintenance services to POMs
  • Real Estate Pro Finder: Find & Hire New Vendors feature for POMs, so that they can find vendors near to property location and request them for a quote against a maintenance service. POM can add vendors to a favorite list
  • Property Management: Buildings & Units Inventory
  • Tenant Management: Tenant info, access rights to tenant portal & documents
  • Lease Management: Lease Tracking & Documents
  • Vendor Management: Track Vendor Activity & Info
  • Work Order Management: Maintenance & Work Order Tracking. After finding a  vendor for maintenance service, POMs can create work orders to vendor and can keep track of them
  • Contact Management: Vendors & Tenants Communications via email
  • Document Management: File & Attachment Storage
  • Transaction Management: Track Payments & Fees
  • Task Management: Task Scheduler & Reminder on calendar and using email service