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Initially A “Rescue,” Our Good Work Led To More Demand

  • Post published:September 22, 2014


Team span: August 2013 to October 2013
Duration: 2 Months
Technology: WordPress
Development Manager: Sohail Ashraf
Engineer: Ajaz Ali
Reason for closure: Project’s Phase I & II Successful Completion

Initially, Splashers Ocean Adventures had a largely static web site and all they wanted was a better design theme and a mobile homepage design. As a tour operator, the web page used WebReserve and TripAdvisor we services in its web page, so customers could make reservations on-line. Mainly, all Splashers wanted initially was to develop the mobile view for the homepage. The 1st Phase was slated to take only 14 days, but after completion, the client decided to up their game by making the entire site responsive and more dynamic.

So over the course of two months, we divided the project into two phases:

1st Phase of Project Development:

  • Customization of TourOperator WordPress theme
  • Design for theme customization
  • Mobile homepage design and implementation
  • Development of Product module
  • Integration of products with WebReserve API
  • Trip Product comparison
  • Trip Product reservation
  • Advanced search on Products fetched from WebReserve
  • Social media sharing and integration (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • TripAdvisor customized widget
  • Photo & Video Gallery

2nd Phase of Project Development:

  • Banner design for slider
  • Responsive design for tablets and mobile devices
  • Yelp Reviews integration and customization
  • Graphic design for widgets in homepage and sidebars
  • New widgets programed for homepage and sidebars
  • Responsive YouTube video player
  • Inner pages layout changes

The client was so happy with the results, they’re coming back for Phase 3. In this case, doing well what seemed to be a quick one-off led the client to think bigger thoughts about their web site.