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Developing a Windows Application for Automobile Industry

  • Post published:December 22, 2016


Team span: October 2015 to May 2016
Duration: 8 Months
Technology: Windows Form, VB.NET, MS SQL 2014, MS SQL 2000, MS Access, ASP Classic
Development Manager: Haseeb Ahmad
Engineer: Rehman Gull Khan
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

vteams #496 was hired to automate a data capturing system for a client. The purpose of this development was to replace multiple programs, running independently, involved in performing a single task – which made the process quite cumbersome. With just “one click” the client wanted that the application should load data onto specific directories and formats.

The secondary goal was to organize the process of converting data from DVD disks to unspecified “on-line” data delivery methods. Even though it was unlikely that the data format would change.

The old manual process included several steps since the client was using differing programs to achieve his outcome.


vteam #496 was able to identify problems and extract requirements through meetings with the client. After detailed sessions they were able to identify that the client needed an advance featured automation process, not just a simple one. It was devised that the application should contain features like:

  • Receiving data each month in MS Access from different vendors
  • Importing millions of Data/records from MS Access
  • Time Efficiency to achieve the transformation of data
  • Extraction of millions of images (that were received after every month’s release) in Zip format
  • Transfer of data imported from SQL server to Production server
  • Management of different versions of SQL Server in Production and Development Servers
  • Development of History module for the accumulation of Historic data
  • Advanced level customization of data which can be utilized by client’s web application (which was developed in ASP Classic)
  • Addition of advanced level Search and Optimization feature in client’s web application

Development Phase

vteams engineer Rehman Gull developed a new Windows application to meet the above mentioned requirements and challenges. Following were the core components (modules) of that application:

1- Import Module

This module was developed to perform the following basic functions:

  • Import Data from MS Access to MS SQL
  • Import Images from MS Access to the File System
  • Extract images in zip format
  • Convert all the images from JPEG to TIF format
  • Perform the customization of data which can be utilized by the Web Application
2- Transfer of Data to Production Server

This module was developed to transfer the data (which was imported) to production server. The challenging task was to deal with different versions of SQL Server. Reason being that the Windows Application Machine was running on SQL Server 2014 whereas the Production server was running on SQL Server 2000. Additionally, indexing was applied for Performance optimization.

3- History Module

The history module was required for the accumulation of historic data received in last 10 years to the current year. The module was made capable enough to perform this functionality in coming years. Accumulation of data was based on the difference of Automobile models. For example, if in a certain year a new model is launched by any company/vendor then its all parts data should also be imported.