Developed LMS – A Shift From Manual Approach To Automation

  • Post published:June 4, 2015


Team span: November 2014 to January 2015
Duration: 3 months
Technology: PHP 5.5/MySQL, wkhtmltopdf, HTML5, Jquery, Git, CentOS
Development Manager: Umer Farooq
Engineers: Muhammad Umer and Waheed-ud-din
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

If we knew what we were doing it wouldn’t be research – Albert Einstein

Learning management system (LMS) requires a lot of R&D.  We already developed applications  just like it but still we spend hours to investigate the system required by our client. Our Client’s business website provides training and certifications to its users but the approach was largely manual. Helping material uploading was done in zip files and users had to download it when required. Even the transcripts and certifications were created manually.


vteam #499’s client was in dire need of a proper LMS where users could proceed from module by module. Users should attempt several quizzes and then must approach towards an exam. LMS must also include video lectures, PDF slides, and Power Point Presentations on website for course modules instead of downloading zip content. A better testing system, automated transcripts, manageable certifications and email templates were required as well. There was also a need to tight some loose ends of the already existed system.


vteam #499 developed LMS with required features and made client’s staff daily interaction with system more smooth, flexible and time saving. LMS included but not limited to the following modules:

  • Courses Management: Admin can create and manage courses having multiple modules. Modules can have online video lectures, PDF documents and Power Point Presentations. User need to cover all modules and take exam to pass the course. Modules are manageable by admin as well.
  • Quiz Management: Admin can create multiple quizzes per course and user/student can go through quizzes while progressing through course modules. In quizzes, student answers a question again and again till he/she selects the correct answer.
  • Exam System: Exam system is a little bit like quizzes but it has much more stuff. Exam result appears in transcript. Student can pass or fail in exam. To get certification, student need to pass an exam. Admin can create exams in similar way as quizzes as well as exam can be created automatically from a pool of questions.
  • Email Templates: Admin can control email content as well as email templates that are sent by the system. Email templates need to be different at different times.
  • Transcripts and Certifications Generation: Transcripts are no more tackled manually. They can now be generated with one click to save time and to increase the efficacy. Certifications are printed with one click as well as their templates can be modified through admin panel.
  • Statistics and Reports: Admin can see different reports including expired certifications, memberships, products report, demographic report, coupon, sales agent reports and different statistics.
  • Internal Messaging System: An LMS is not completed without a communication medium between student and instructor. vteam #499 developed an internal messaging system so that students can communicate with their instructor.