Developed Course Management System For Food Handlers

  • Post published:August 5, 2015


Team span: April 2015 to July 2015
4 Months
ASP.NET MVC, Web Services, SQL Server
Development Manager:
 Haseeb Ahmed
Rehman Gul, Khurram Shahzad
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

vteam #542 inherited a partially developed project of an online innovative alcohol and food service training. Such trainings (courses) are provided to restaurant owners, managers, and employees. Before coming to vteams, this project of course management system for food handlers has already been developed by different development teams in different times.

After digging into its code, it was found that all the major modules of this application were static and nothing was working at all. Adding a course, maintaining the questions, preparing Package Plan and other things were missing. Only static pages were found and no code is being done behind the scene. No Database tables were designed for major modules. No Payment Gateway was integrated and all the payment is being done manually. Also this browser based application has a beta version developed in PHP. We were in need to get all the data from older system to the newer system.

For this, vteam #542 suggested client for the restructuring of the application. We also had to implement the missing functionalities. Client agreed upon the suggestion and vteam #542 started making a robust and flexible design so that everything in the project could be customized and scalable.

Following modules were customized by adding their respective structure in the CMS:

  • Course Management: Admin can create, modify and delete courses. These courses have relevant videos and after watching a video, Questions would appear with multiple choice answer options. For now, there are total number of 4 courses in the system.
  • Question and Answers Management: They are related to every course. Admin can create and design the questions and answers related to every course.
  • Package Plan: Company or individuals can choose a Package Plan according to their needs. Every Package has one or more courses and time duration defined to take every course exam. After successful exam, training provider will offer a certificate to the respective Individual or Company.
  • Employee Management: Admin can create/activate employees in the system. When a user Signs up, a welcome email is sent to him but the request will be finally approved by the Admin and until he activates a user, he couldn’t signs in.
  • Email Module Web Service: This service runs automatically on predefined times. It sends the course related notification to the concerns. Course registrations, exam schedule, reminders for exam dates and weekly progress reports are some of the examples.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: We choose Merchant e-Solutions for payment integration for this application. Reason for adopting this solution is better security, unified platforms and 100 % data transparency services.
  • Data Import: For importing the large amount of data from the older system to the newer, we have developed small import modules respectively.


Gradually, the application was matured. vteam #542 successfully completed all the modules required for this application.