Delivered Magento CPQ Module, Yii Inventory Management System & Joomla website projects

  • Post published:October 19, 2015


Team span: September 2013 to October 2015
Duration: 2 years and 1 Month
Technology: Magento, SugarCRM, Yii, Joomla
Development Manager: Saadat Ali
Engineer: Tahir Yasin
Reason for closure: Successful Projects Completion

vteam #412 was formed for a US client who wanted us to extend the Quote module of Sugar CRM using Magento. The module was required for Guided Selling and Configurable Price Quote (CPQ). Through Guided Selling, customers enter their requirements in a wizard form. Upon completion, system analyzes the requirements and suggests the best fit products for them.

Development Manager Saadat Ali suggested client to use Yii framework to develop the system but he insisted to create a customized Magento store with Guided Selling and Configurable Price Quote (CPQ) module having some features of SugarCRM, plus a shopping cart of his own.

Project 1: Guided Selling & CPQ Module for Magento

Many challenges were faced by the developer Tahir Yasin during the implementation phase because of client’s requirements. Everything had to be developed within the best practices and boundaries of Magento. Guided selling and CPQ module involved complex formulas and three dimensional data for finding best fit products for client’s customers.

Tahir successfully completed and delivered a Magento based Guided Selling & Configurable Price Quote (CPQ) module. Lots of appreciation and Bonus of $100 was sent by client for Tahir. This project involved:

  • Import/export of 3D Data
  • Best-fit Arithmetic
  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Time/Event Triggers for Drip Emails
  • Customer Vendor messaging & threads
  • Stats and Reports
  • Third party shipping APIs
Project 2: Yii based Inventory Management System using Fishbowl APIs

After the satisfied outcome of the first project, another project was assigned to Tahir in which client asked him to develop a new inventory management system for him. He was using a windows based Fishbowl inventory management system for his business. Its web application was required so that his staff could also access it to perform their tasks.

Firebird database engine was being used due to windows based Fishbowl Inventory Management System. Very limited free support was available online for it. The information needed in order to build this interface was however limited but Fishbowl’s API provided ultra-limited (and therefore stifling) data access. Many more other issues existed like Firewall connection with Firebird database, allowed memory size, segmentation fault and Fishbowl API itself stopped working due to an Unknown Error.

Tahir contacted Fishbowl support team. They offered technical support via FDN license, membership costs was $1495/year and 10 tickets resolution cost was $2400. This was a huge amount and was obviously not a cost effective solution.

Tahir faced hurdles down the road but gracefully fulfilled all client requirements with his own research and efforts. He saved client’s thousands of dollars and delivered a Yii powered Inventory Management System based on Fishbowl Inventory which involved:

  • SOAP API of Fishbowl Inventory
  • Firebird DML Operations
  • ACL
  • RBAC
  • Data Synchronization

Client was delighted and satisfied with vteams engineer Tahir so much that he offered him a visit to United States bearing the entire cost of visit himself (client).

Project 3: Joomla website

Client shared a problem with Tahir in his Joomla website. Tahir had expertise in Joomla and resolved website issue. After that, client gave him all the responsibility of developing Joomla based website for his company. Client’s wife was also looking after this project, our dedicated engineer Tahir managed to handle the requests from both of them. As an outcome, he developed and delivered the website successfully.


Although client was satisfied with the developer and services provided to him by vteams, but unfortunately he had a slump in his business. Due to that, he decided to put further development projects on hold and appreciated us for everything we had done for him so far.