You are currently viewing Closure Report: vteam #393. Class management application for instructors

Closure Report: vteam #393. Class management application for instructors

  • Post published:April 10, 2014


Team span: July 2013 to September 2013
Duration: 3 Months
Technology: YII Framework / PHP
Development Manager: Sohail Ashraf
Engineers: Yasir Rehman, Amer Hashmi, Aqib Javed, Tariq Mehmood Abbasi and Zeeshan Mazhar
Reason for closure: Project Completed

vteam #393 was setup to develop a web-based application in YII Framework. Our client was a State college in the State of Utah. Below were the Client’s requirements which we fulfilled:

  • Instructor Section: Instructor section is actually a management section where Instructor should have the ability to manage different modules like Classes, Students, Topics and Groups etc. He should assign topics to different students and classes; He should check student’s research project details and progress on thesis etc. Instructor should have an option to check group activity report and progress on the specific topic that he assigned to different students.
  • There should be basic level of CMS system as well, where admin can change some website content and helping material according to his requirement.
  • The CMS feature should be available for instructor as well, where they can change the content of website according to their requirement.
  • In Student section, when they become a member they should see their topic that was assigned by Instructors. Once they complete their research, they will fill out the form and answer all those questions that were mentioned in the forms and then move to next step. Each group has a Scribe Student who worked as group leader and finalizes all the problem statements and evidences.
  • One bigger requirement was that the client has short of time so project should be completed in time and properly tested to avoid future bugs and problems.

Following tools were used during development:

  •     PHP and MYSQL
  •     YII Framework
  •     HTML5 and CSS2.0

The team started in July 2013 with  four developers and one SQA person, all members put a great effort to fulfill client’s requirements and developed a quality product. They followed YII coding standards and completed the project one week ahead of deadline. Client was very happy with this performance and project execution.

Notable mention: During the project, we conducted weekly [and sometimes daily] meetings with the client to verify ongoing features/questions. Our client participated with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. This participation played a vital role in ensuring the success of this project.