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Closure Report: vteam #391. MIVA Maintenance

  • Post published:April 11, 2013


vteam span: June 2013 to December 2013
Duration: 4 months 12 days
Technology: MIVA Script
Development Manager: Asim Zeeshan
Engineers: Inam Hasan
Reason for closure: Project Completed Successfully

Our client required someone who could work in MIVA MERCHANT shopping cart (non-PHP / MIVAScript proprietary language). His system required critical maintenance and implementation of a few custom features.  We put Inam H. on the job; who by the way, is not a MIVA expert. He was able to figure out the MIVA platform on the fly and also integrate custom PHP scripts within the system.

Our client was targeting for a December completion so that his new system would be operational for the Holiday shopping season. His timeline goals were met successfully. Team #391 was closed at the end of December. Our client plans on coming back and starting another team later in 2014.