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Closure Report: vteam #381

  • Post published:December 9, 2013


Team span: March 2013 to December 2013
Duration: 9.5 Months
Technology: PHP / CodeIgniter
Development Manager: Saadat Ali
Engineer: Ghulam Rasool
Reason for closure: Projects Completed.

Client’s Initial requirements:

Client came to vteams to:

  • Develop a system using ECGrid & ECGridOS web services by Loren Data Corp.
  • Set up numerous mailboxes for customers. Each mailbox will be used to both send and receive EDI messages for our customer.
  • Need functionality to take a message that arrives in a mailbox and transfer it to a file system directory within our infrastructure so that our EDI processing system can in turn pick up the message and process it. The same process would be true for outbound messages that our customers wish to send.
  • Our EDI systems would prepare the message for transmission and then place it in a specific file system location so that your system could pick up the file and drop it into the ECGrid outbound mailbox for that customer.
  • Develop a dashboard that users could access to review messages and perform activities. Dashboard will be similar to NetEDI dashboard.

More projects were added after the completion of Atadex dashboard completion.

Project Details:

This application is a middleware system. Using this system, companies communicate to their trading partners. All communication between them is based on secure message transfer. Application is using a source Loren Data web services to transfer messages from one user to end user securely. Message could be sent as (X12 OR EDIFACT) format or any raw files.  Admin (User) can manage (create, update, delete) Mailboxes and their configurations. Users having different roles (NetworkAdmin, NetworkUser, MailboxUser, MailboxAdmin) can be manages as well. Each user can use the application according their role. This application is replica of “NetEDI Dashboard”. It was a successful project completion.

How vteam #381 fulfilled those requirements?

1) Atadex Dashboard:

Atadex dashboard application is based on Loran Data (ECGrid) web services. The purpose of this application was to use the ECGrid (NetEDI) web services and create an interface for users. EDI mailboxes to be created for trading partners to be set up and then for EDI messages to be presented to and collected from the Loren system using API. This application includes:

  • Messages: User EDI messages will be list in this page, user can filter the inbox, outbox messages.
  • Users: This page will show the all users belong to system. Administrator (NetworkAdmin) can create a (NetworkAdmin, NetworkUser, MailboxAdmin and Mailbox) for a mailbox. Administrator can update delete a user as well.
  • Mailboxes: This page will list down all the mailboxes (active, inactive) of system. Administrator can create/update/delete mailbox from this page.
  • Mailbox Config: This page will allow the Administrator to set the configuration of any mailbox (Routing codes and Interconnects).
  • Gateways: This page will list down all gateway partners those are retrieved using web services.

2) Load Tender Document:

This is the small interface application that will parse the XML. A web form that can be populated automatically with the data found in the load tender document sample XML file provided by the Client.  Any trucking company can view the form and submit it, after submit it will load another web form. The company or any user will fill out the form submit their response.

3) CrushFTP Web Interface:

This application is developed using CrushFTP server. Application used CrushFTP web calls for communication with CrushFTP. Following are the functionalities developed according to Martyn requirements.

  • Login: User can login to system using CrushFTP username and password.
  • Forgot Password:  Any user can reset their password in this screen, User will enter the username and if username exists it will sends the password to user email address
  • Inbox: This Page will show the user uploaded files.
  • Outbox: This tab will show the user uploaded files and files changed by admin are there as well. Purpose of this Outbox was when someone uploads the file the uploaded file is copied to somewhere else directory “that is called Outbox” administrator changes the file and uploads it for user. So user can see the files and download them.
  • User Management: Administrator (CrushFTP admin) of application can add/update user to system. Admin can also reset any user password and password will also be sent to user through email.

Tools & Technologies:

  • PHP 5 (CodeIgniter)
  • MySQL
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • XHTML/CSS,jQuery, AJAX
  • Loren Data Corp web services
  • CrushFTP Server
  • XML

Ghulam Rasool did extensive R&D on Loran Data (ECGrid) web services, NetEDI dashboard, EDI messages, and CrushFTP. He contacted support departments whenever he ran into problems and after lots of effort and hard work he was able to complete the project(s) as per client’s requirements. Client acknowledged all the hard work and sent numerous appreciation notes for Ghulam Rasool.

Team Closure:

Client’s CTO left the company. He was leading the development, so company’s CEO took over and contacted vteams. We gave him details on the projects which were already completed by us, also provided him the code. The development was already completed and developer was waiting for new requirements. CEO tried to figure out how to proceed with further development but he couldn’t generate more work. So, he requested to windup vteam #381 on good notes. He also said he will come back to engage vteams in case he has another project for us.