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Closure Report: vteam #378. eBay App

  • Post published:March 7, 2014


Team span: March 2013 to March 2013
Duration: 25 days
Technology: PHP Framework (Zend II)
Development Manager: Mobeen Zafar
Engineer: Hammad Ali
Reason for closure: Successful Work Completion

vteam #378 started with one resource Hammad Ali. Client wanted us to develop an eBay items end/relist scheduler application. Ki terminator is the Items ender/relister scheduler eBay application. With Ki terminator, User will be able to automate and schedule ending items as well as relisting items. Both can be set separate or re-listing can come after the ending. User can set the application to notify when action takes place. It also maintains the log of items which are ended or relisted. Key factors that Client wanted us to add in the app are as follows:

  • Schedule the end of a listing in the future or right away.
  • Schedule the re-list of a listing in the future or right away.
  • Schedule the end of a listing and ask the app to re-list it a day later.
  • Sell similar with your actual on hand quantity NOT the original quantity
  • Duplicate listing finder.
  • Get notified through the process.

PHP framework (ZEND II), jQuery, Ajax, Json and XM tools were used during development. Hammad had good understanding of project requirements. Due to his efforts, quick execution of assigned tasks by the Client took place. Bug free deliverables in result of unit testing were provided by Hammad.

Client was technical and did development. He reviewed the code number of times and appreciated Hammad for following good coding practices with the use of latest web technologies. Client’s closing remarks for Hammad were:

“Hammad did a very good job so far. We are going to release Ki Terminator 1.1 on March 28th,2013. So, I need to keep Hammad until the end of the month only and stop for now so I can make some money before hiring Hammad more.”

vteam #378 closed after successful project completion and release of App.