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Closure Report: vteam #369. SMS Marketing Application

  • Post published:March 20, 2013


Team span: February 2013 to March 2013
Duration: 1.5 Months
Technology: PHP
General Manager: Fahad Shakeel
Engineers: Yasir Rehman & Zahoor Rehman
Reason for closure: Client gone AWOL

Team 369 was started to develop an application called SMS Assist. The goal of the application was to facilitate SMS based marketing campaigns. The initial requirement was that the system should be able to manage each and every step within organization for market something from customer to consumer. In one month time, vteam #369 developed the basic structure of app in which we utilized GSM Modem and its API for SMS delivery. Later it was taken to Twilio SMS API. Following modules were required in application:

– Template management will be able to add a message, edit old messages, and make messages inactive and no longer visible (do not delete). When adding a message, there should be a counter field that shows how many characters are being added in Message Text that updates as you type. It should always be less than 160 characters long (maximum length of a text message).

– Blacklist management should be able to add, delete, and edit blacklisted numbers.

– List management will have an associated data table that contains all mailing data. List Management should have the opportunity to view all lists (and a count of the number of customers in that list), create a list, edit a list, import customer data to a list or make a list inactive. For the data import, the user should provide a text CSV file in the format below to upload into the program. The program should let the user browse for the list on the local machine, upload it, and import it with the associated list id.

Following tools & technologies were used in the development of basic structure of the Application:

  •     PHP 5 (Yii-Framwork)
  •     MySQL
  •     Blueprint CSS
  •     XHTML/CSS, jQuery, AJAX
  •     CrushFTP Server
  •     XML

In one month, the team was able to develop all required functionality of the application. Our client sent us few modifications in Users roles and ACL. When the modifications were complete, we were not able to contact him via skype or telephone. Our US team also tried to get a hold of him but he just disappeared completely off the grid. We closed the team and reassigned the engineers on other teams.