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Closure Report: vteam #364

  • Post published:April 8, 2013


Team span: January 2013 to April 2013
Duration: 4 Months
Technology: PHP / Yii
Development Manager: Mobeen Zafar
Engineer: Faisal Kaleem
Reason for closure: Work Completion.

The client’s requirements were to develop a web based application to manage sales contacts. The system will have all the functionality and features that the existing .NET program currently have. The following are modules that has be implemented.

  • User Management
  • Leads Management
  • Product and components management
  • Orders Management
  • Production Management
  • REST API for users to get/update/delete/view Leads and Production records

Project Brief:

This project was created for customers to promote their products. Users associated with the customers add leads for those they can order some electronic document in Docx/PDF format. The system automatically generates the Docx and sent it via email to the lead. As the system is paid service so it also generates various types of financial reports.

The condition of Project:

When developer got this project, it was partially implemented in PHP Yii framework with lot of bugs, missing functionality and design issues. There were bugs related with security, design, role and permissions.

Outstanding work Developer did in Project:

There were some challenging tasks related with Docx to dynamically generate Docx files from the templates uploaded by users and to merge various Docx files into single file. This was done using two PHP libraries: PHPDocx and TinyButStrong.

How the engineer fulfilled Client’s requirements successfully?

The project was successful because of developer’s good requirements of engineering skills, active follow-ups and excellent reporting skills. For some challenging tasks e.g dynamically Docx file generation were accomplished using the PHPDocx library and adding some custom code to meet the exact requirements. The SVN and Redmine helped a lot for code and project management respectively.

Furthermore, the comprehensive knowledge of Yii Framework and other libraries helped making this project successful.

Team closure:

The team was closed on successful completion of the project.

Tools & Technologies used in Project:

  • Yii Framework (PHP5)
  • MySQL
  • Twitter Bootstrap (Used Yii Bootstrap extension )
  • PHPDocx and TinyButStrong for creating and merging Docx files
  • jQuery for client side scripting and user experience
  • AJAX
  • Mandrill for transactional email response and certain email delivery
  • Netbeans as code editor

Client Appreciation:

The client appreciated developer’s efforts number of times. All the bugs were fixed and new required functionality added successfully in estimated time. At the time of team closure, client gave following remarks:

“We will be finishing the project on our end this month. Please cancel the billing for our account.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

Also, the service and programming was amazing by VTEAMS! If you guys ever need a letter of recommendation, I will write up a hard copy and snail mail it! Thank you so much!”