You are currently viewing Closure Report: vteam #362. Project Rescue for an unscrupulous middleman

Closure Report: vteam #362. Project Rescue for an unscrupulous middleman

  • Post published:April 7, 2014


Team span: November 2012 – January 2013
Duration: 2 Months
Technology: PHP/WordPress
Development Manager: Fahad Shakeel
Engineers: Waleed Ahmed, Salman Akram
Reason for closure: Shit Happens

One fine afternoon in November we got a call from a desperate but genuinely sounding individual from Florida. He was in a bit of a jam. He had picked up a Word Press project from a large local company and outsourced it to India. The job didn’t get done and this gentleman was about to get sued by his client. He wanted a solution and he wanted it immediately.

Luckily we had two engineers who could start working for him within the same evening. This gentleman wanted some major features to be brought to completion within a week. That’s a tall order but our guys were willing to rise to the challenge.

The project was a community site for Lenders, in which, they subscribe using different type of paid memberships and exchange different type of data, leads, business, contacts and experience. The system backbone was partially developed using WordPress. We needed to install and configure BuddyPress and then integrated this with WP Multi-Site plugin by which every member was able to secure his own subdomain.

Waleed & Salman both put in an amazing effort and rescued the project within the timeline.

In order to help this gentleman in a hurry, we bypassed our routine process and that included money matters. As you can guess, this guy disappeared and left us with an unpaid bill and a fraudulent credit card. Later we found out that John Nash wasn’t even his real name.