You are currently viewing Closure Report: vteam #361. We failed to deliver on –what we consider– our core strengths

Closure Report: vteam #361. We failed to deliver on –what we consider– our core strengths

  • Post published:January 28, 2014


Team span: November 2013 to December 2013
Duration: 1 Month
Technology: nodeJs & mongoDB
General Manager: Fahad Shakeel
Engineers: Usman Mahmood
Reason for closure: Project failed.

This is a story of failure where there should have been great success. Our team has learnt a lesson from this.

When a company approached us for PHP engineers doing mongoDB and nodeJS we were all excited. You see, we are a total R&D company and these days we are doing a lot of internal projects on RoR and mongoDB. We quickly setup a 360 review and during the review, our client mentioned that he just needed a solid PHP engineer. Our reviewers did not probe the requirements deep enough and quickly setup the client with a good PHP engineer.

On start-up, when our engineer started getting the requirements, it turned out that this was going to be a web service for Facebook authentication in nodeJS. Solution was going to be hosted on Appfog free platform. The big problem was to deal with the security on the hosting platform, which was tight. The engineer on the team –Usman– tried four different workarounds but couldn’t make any one of them work. After about a month, it was mutually agreed that we as a development team were not going to be able to solve this problem.

Our client was appreciative of our massive efforts and hinted that he will be back again with more work.

We came away with three important lessons:

  1. Be thorough on the 360 reviews and dig deeper into the requirements.
  2. Don’t get too heroic. We could have closed down the team sooner, but everyone got too challenged and kept spinning their wheels.
  3. Stick to the type of work we can do better than anybody else in the world. If something is not up our alley, don’t even undertake it.