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Closure Report: vteam #341. PHP4 to PHP5 and PCI Compliance

  • Post published:January 29, 2014


Team span: May 2012 to February 2013
Duration: 9.5 Months
Technology: Zend PHP framework
Development Manager: Asim Zeeshan
Engineers: Irfan Shaukat
Reason for closure: Project Phase I Completed/Budgetary Reasons

This project was focused on creating an online community for everything related to “higher self” including but not limited to exploring spiritually, creating awareness and encouraging communication. The application was originally built using PHP 4 in 2007.  The original developer was only able to complete 80% of the product and then went defunct. Our client deployed the 80% and fired the old team.

During the 360 Review with us, the client gave us two major goals. Firstly, to upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5 and secondly, to get his code secure enough to earn a PCI compliance. His current application was handling 3000 unique visitors a day and approx 10,000  page visits per day.

The team engineer Irfan, chose to incorporate the Zend Framework in the code. It gave us a speed advantage. Using Zend meant that Irfan could deliver with confidence before the committed deadline. Throughout the rest of the year, vteam # 341 continued to work on the new website and emergency-fixes on Client’s old system. Client was very happy with the progress and speed. He was very appreciative of the fact that the same developer was fixing his old-system (on a need to need basis) and working on the new-code from the ground-up.

By January 2013, Irfan had completely upgraded the system to PHP 5 and the system was running stable. That month, our client informed us that he had decided to sell the company [ and this system] to someone else. The team was closed in February 2013.