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Closure Report: vteam #330

  • Post published:June 30, 2013


Team span: February 2012 to June 2013
Duration: 1 Year & 3.5 Months
Technology: Android App.Development
Development Manager: Wajhe Muhammad
Engineers: Azam & Khawar Raza
Reason for closure: Project’s Phase I development Completed.

Project Description:

Vteam #330 developed a Booth/Setup of Hardware devices for straightening, drying & curling interfaced to Android device as per Client’s requirements. Customers can use this setup for availing services of straightening, curling, drying. They can get the services by simply swapping their card to a card swapper attached with Android Device linked via hands free jack. The devices were setup on YOYO board and Bread board and these boards were attached with android device via Bluetooth or USB. For payment, the customer swipe their cards and get the services. First phase of the Project was completed successfully. Before starting second phase, Client wanted to launch/deploy the Project to collect feedback from customers.

How Client’s Requirements were fulfilled?

During 1st phase of Project development, following requirements of Client were fulfilled:

  • Setup of Hardware devices was developed that provide services like straightening, curling, drying to local public.
  • The Devices were attached with Android device via YOYO board and Bread Board.
  • Implemented SDK for YoYo Board for devices attachment and Bread Board SDK for thermal sensors to check devices temperature.
  • Implemented SDK for card swapper device.
  • Card swapper was attached via Audio Phone Jack.
  • Payment Gateway Integration i.e. Rom Pay.
  • Web portal/Website was developed.
  • Socket Programming.
  • Android wrappers were written.
  • Informatory Mobile App was developed for General Public.

Client was very happy from vteams services and looking forward to do Phase II development with us after collecting customers’ feedback. It was a successful completion of the Project.