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Closure Report: vteam #307.

  • Post published:April 14, 2014


Team span: November 2011 to May 2012, July 2012 to August 2012, December 2012 to February 2013
Duration: 9.5 Months
Technology: PHP/.Net/WordPress
Development Manager: Fahad Shakeel
Engineers:  Sohail Muhammad, Fahad Farrukh, Kashif Mehmood, Usman Arshad, Saqib Samuel, Zeeshan Ahmad, Aqeel Shamas.
Reason for closure: Successful Projects Completion

vteam #307 was started and restarted three times for the development of different projects:

Agency Models & Talent:

In first sprint of six months, Client wanted us to develop a complete system for Modeling agency including Back end and few web services. Kashif Mehmood remained a vital part of development. He designed its admin panel and front end from scratch including the architecture. The database structure of the site was designed by keeping in mind the extensibility of the whole system as well as increasing number of records it might contain as the time passes. The structure was indexed up to the possible and required level  so that the system does not slow down if the number of records increase to hundreds of million. The interfaces were made attractive using various JavaScript and JQuery features like AJAX, UI etc. In six months, vteam #307 provided a complete project to Client. Client was happy and appreciated Kashif & Fahad a lot for their efforts. Project was successfully delivered.

Central Merchandising:

This project was started to port an application from .NET 1.x to .NET 2.x framework. With this port, some bugs and upgrades needed to be performed. In second sprint of almost one month with the help of one engineer we completed this project. Usman did a really great job and completed this 2 months estimation in a month almost. Client was happy and appreciated Usman a lot.

Our client released the engineer back to vteams and we deployed him with another client. A week or two later, our client came back and asked to get Usman back for a long project but unfortunately, he was already deployed.

GWG Life:

The project was a WordPress based portal for an insurance company. Vteams was hired for web services integrations and plug-in development. First requirement was to fetch corporate documents from other portals to GWG Life portal for its users. Box.Net API was used for this particular requirement. A new wp plug-in with front and back end was developed to accomplish the requirement. Another requirement was for Web2Print and Pressaro API was suggested for this task, but later Client lifted this requirement and asked to go with only. In third sprint of 2.5 months with the help of two engineers we completed this project.Client had a dedicated project manager working stateside.He managed the whole project in Agile way and resources from vteams remained dedicated on development. At the end, Client was happy and appreciated Aqeel & Zeeshan for their hard work. Project was successfully delivered.