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Closure Report: vteam #269. Wellbeing and Recipes Portal

  • Post published:March 6, 2014


Team span: May 2011 to June 2013
Duration: 2 Years and 1 Month
Technology: WordPress and .NET integration
Development Manager: Sohail Ashraf
Engineers: Farhan, Khubaib, Ikram, Azhar, Ajmal, Tanveer, Sajid, Omer, Imran, and Uzair.
Reason for closure: Project Completed

vteam #269 was setup to develop a health related tips & recipes web portal. This portal is commerce enabled. Users are registered with mailing lists according to their interest and get daily, weekly and monthly basis emails. Users are assessed about their current fitness, health and diseases and are matched with the diet plans and exercises to enhance their well beings. They have access to simple and easy recipes. Users get frequent updates about their well being and ideal weight.

Initially the site was hosted at by the Client. Later on, he made some copies of the same site and checked the functionality with different themes to target different types of market, i.e.

Project was successfully completed & delivered. Our client was happy and indicated that he’d be back with more products when he was ready.