You are currently viewing Closure Report: vteam #261. Desktop Applications.

Closure Report: vteam #261. Desktop Applications.

  • Post published:April 11, 2013


Team span: March 2011 to June 2013
Duration: 2 Years & 3 Months
Technology: .NET
Development Manager: Isaac Muhammad
Engineers: Waqas Ahmad & Abdul Quddos
Reason for closure: Projects Completed / Budgetary Reasons

Client had list of desktop applications which he wanted to make online. He needed an ASP.Net developer using VB.Net language/coding and following skills:

  • Strong graphic layout look and feel skills
  • Understands AJAX, Master Pages and large scale session issues
  • Must have MSSQL knowledge
  • Able to write own stored procedures and implement via web services.

Resources Attached:

Team started with Abdul Quddos on March 29, 2011. Within few weeks of attachment, Client requested to add an android developer in his team for development of few mobile applications. Therefore, Waqas Ahmad was attached on May 6, 2011.

Major Project by Waqas:

Family Flash Card

This application allows users to create flash cards with pictures from either the android gallery or camera in the phone. Users can record sound for any image and transform it into a flash card. When a user selects to play; cards play with the sound. Image capture and voice recording are two main features of the application.

Major Projects by Abdul Quddos:

1. My Road to Recovery

This is an online product that is being used by clients for their debt and credit management.

2. My Payday Loan Help

A financial application; custom built for our Client to relieve Americans trapped by payday loans. The application is used by the Client calculate debtors’ payday liabilities, perform analysis and generate detailed reports. These reports are further editable to include any subjective analysis and present to debtors.

3. Priority Gold Card

Priority Gold Card Prepaid Card system is built for our Client to make their customers’ money management safer, easier, and cheaper. It works similar to an online checking account where customer’s money is kept safe in one of the prepaid card accounts instead of carrying it around in cash. Customers deposit money in their cards through paychecks which is then usable at POS, ATM machines and to pay bills. Besides usual financial transactions, system also has built in modules to offer cash and purchase rewards to buyers and referrers.

4. Message Center

It consists of following different set of applications:

  • Windows forms application: It is being used to import and export data between CSV files and MS SQL Server database by standardizing the CSV data using REST service.
  • Console application: It was used to schedule export incoming leads into CSV files on daily bases at specific time of the day.
  • Web application: is part of the project to add DNC (Do Not Call) mobile phone number into database to stop further SMS broadcast for them.
  • Archive Tool: SQL based solution (Scheduled Job) to Purge SQL Data and indexing the tables to optimize the performance and speed.

5. Real Gold Store

The application used to purchase GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM, 24 karat, 22 karat, 18 karat, 14 karat, 10 karat, 9 karat, Gold Bullion, all Karats of White Gold as well as all Foreign Gold Coins, including, Krugerrands, Panda coins and Canadian Maple Leaf Coins and selected precious metal Commemorative Coins.

Main Tools & Technologies:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • VB.NET
  • Web Services
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Telerik Rad Controls for ASP.NET AJAX
  • jQuery Telerik Rad Controls for ASP.NET AJAX

Team Closure:

vteams completed most of the projects assigned by Client and he also sent bonuses to Abdul on few occasions. He also expressed his wish for Abdul to visit US on his expense.

Release of Waqas:

Waqas worked on few applications and completed one application. Client released him by end of October 2011 as he was unable to manage time for his android applications and to respond to the clarifications required by Waqas.

Release of Abdul:

Abdul kept on working and completing different projects with Client for almost two and a half years. As per company policy, Client was requested to revise billing rate of Abdul after one year of service with him.  Client didn’t agree on the requested rate and informed that he can only increase 4% as per his company policy. He asked for a senior .Net resource instead but never finalized on it and no increase was made after first year.

We again requested Client to revise the rate after two years in 2013, but he didn’t agree and told us the same reason and offered only 4% increase. The revision has been pending for two years and the requested percentage increase was much higher than what Client was offering.

It was not an affordable situation for us. Therefore, we also suggested Client to attach a junior resource who will eventually replace Abdul as soon as Client gets comfortable with the new developer. Client declined this offer and said that he doesn’t have time to train a new resource. Although, we confirmed him that Abdul will be training new resource who will be attached free of cost until Client becomes confident with him.

We always keep our Clients first and want to retain them for sure. Therefore without considering our losses, we made an offer to Client to increase the rate by 8% considering two years as no increase was made from his side after first year. But this offer also didn’t work out for Client and he asked us to close vteams # 261.

We were left with no choice, so vteams # 261 was closed by end of June 2013.

Client had no other issues with our team at all as he again contacted vteams after few months in September 2013 for some development tasks. Although we couldn’t start a team again due to his budget constraint but it clearly shows our level of commitment and quality of services that we provide to our each and every customer.