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Website From Scratch VS. Website Builders

  • Post published:November 5, 2020

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Paul Cookson

It’s the era of digital times; clearly, you are losing out on chances if you still underestimate the significance of owning a website. Your website can undertake your business growth, it can be the center of your company’s online occurrence, it can establish credibility as a business, and become an essential component for your business’ success.

“…your website deserves the best; after all, it is the internet advertising billboard for you and your company.”


These days, WYSIWYG builder is commonly used to replace coding so that you don’t have to acquire hands-on different tools and pick up techniques, but coding lets you derive customized solutions. So, it’s a tricky way to recognize what’s to use and when to use it.

You have two options in your hands if you are about to create a website: either you can use website builders to avoid hard coding or building a website from scratch i.e. to fully code it. No lie that website builders are endorsed to get the job done more rapidly yet professionally but if you hard code the whole thing by hand, you can modify and set each brick at will.


Before you take an action ask yourself two questions: do you truly want a generic look of the website or you would rather go with something custom-built as per the demand? You would want to clarify your audiences’ outlook on your solutions only then you could decide whether a web designer would be a good choice for you or a website builder.

Website From Scratch VS. Website Builders 1

Have you ever tried to study the notorious law of the developers’ triangle? The law states that there are three areas on how to build a website; ‘time, cost, and quality,’ You have to work on two; ‘quality and cost.’ Time can be overlooked, there’s no need to rush. Just as Elvis Presley said, ‘wise men say only fools rush in…’

So, what are the different methods? There are 5 defined methods for building a site; free website builders, template websites, WordPress websites just to support blogging/CMS, do-it-yourself, and professional web design.

Wish to select a website builder? Let us name the seven best website builders that are easier, cheaper, and much user-friendly.

  1. WIX
  2. Network Solutions
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Squarespace
  5. SITE123
  6. WordPress
  7. HostGator

What is a Web Designer?

A web designer is an expert who is accountable for designing the layout keeping in mind the creative graphic/technical skills, visual appearance i.e. design that speaks for your website, and the usability of a website.

Tip: A web developer can’t be a web designer for the reason that a developer ‘writes code’ and a designer ‘designs images.’

Website From Scratch VS. Website Builders

To code or not to code? The ultimate answer to the question hinges on your situation, budget, needs, timeframe, and a variety of other aspects.

Let’s discover some of the benefits of both.

Not To Code

  • Cost-effective – need no technical expertise, third-party assistance, the job is done more quickly without spending cash
  • Easy to use – can work on available templates, edit/customize it as per need, no need to code, drag and drop interface, user-friendly
  • Tech support – can get bits of advice on unexpected encounters
  • Time – launch your website within a day

To Code

  • Full-control over your site
  • They claim ‘free’ but aren’t really free
  • You cannot offer website building using free tools
  • Irrelevant to run a business using website builders
  • It’s complex to cognize somebody else’s code
  • Code security
  • It is easier to iterate your original code
  • You grow as a developer

Take a Decision Based on Your Needs

Imagine you are a start-up company, your budget is limited, hiring a designer may cost you much. In this case, using a website builder can be a cost-efficient way to at best create a nice looking website. Similarly, if you are running a small business, you are generating profitable sales, you have the budget handy to hire a PHP developer to design a top-notch website for an online presence, sounds like a good idea.


In today’s world, as we said earlier, having an online presence is of crucial importance for your brand. Because of the advent of digital technologies, a beautiful responsive website is a right choice to go about.

Are you ready to create your website? You don’t have to choose between a web builder or a web designer, just pitch us your idea. Hopefully, we can figure it out for you as well as provide you the required service. Of course, you want your website to stand-out above others, so be quick and let us decide what route to take.

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