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Internal & External Recruiting: Roles AI play in hiring

  • Post published:July 16, 2021

AI for recruiting: let’s discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Artificial intelligence is growing expeditiously. It’s changing every industry — from retail to technology to manufacturing. Nonetheless, its applications finally arrive to make the work-life better for recruiters as well. So psych yourself up as this year your next job interview may be with a robot.

How About Some Stats?

The BBC research team says the AI industry has grown an average of 20% per annum. And the artificial intelligence software market report tells the same thing to you:

  • The market grew by 54% in 2021.
  • It granted 26.1% of China’s GDP in 2021.
  • It will grant 14.5% GDP to North America, and 13% to UAE’s

If you look at the stats sheet shared below, you can easily judge how it’s growing year over year. The human resource department was that one sector in the past that lacked AI-involved processes. But, it can finally enjoy some smart recruitment and onboarding experiences along with others. So AI for recruiting is not a new thing anymore.

About Some Stats

How is your organization’s internal & external recruiting procedure? Do you think it’s a good, up-to-the standard or below standard operation? Deloitte believes it’s probably of moderate quality because its survey tells it that. When talking about AI for recruiting, should you be worried or what? Worry not because artificial intelligence is providing you fabulous opportunities to adapt your internal & external recruiting processes. Probably you did not know but the most famous British Multinational Consumer Goods Company Unilever uses Artificial Intelligence to recruit employees. The company has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds each year by using AI for recruiting. The multinational scans an applicant’s facial gesture, posture, vocabulary, and checks them against traits deemed to be predictive of job success.

AI for recruiting: The Robots Are Coming

Deloitte serves many praised brands in providing industry audit, consultation, tax, and advisory services. In 2017, it rolled out a survey to check how many companies are using AI in their internal and external recruitment processes. The results confirmed that 33 percent of survey respondents are already implementing AI for recruiting to spare time and diminish human bias.

AI for recruiting

“Congratulations, you have been selected as a final candidate for the position of Technical Content Writer at Nextwerk Inc,” a robot saying over the screen.” My name is Sofia and I shall be conducting your interview. The complete interview process will take almost a week. If you hear my voice correctly, I request you to wave in front of the camera. Welcome to the interview.”

Sofia may not be interviewing you but Stella, Sophie, or Adam may be assessing you. But the question is, should AI for recruiting be encouraged? Is getting giving an interview from a robot a good sign? A robot assessing you isn’t that bad because your job selection does not directly depend on them. HR team uses AI just to rank you before your assessment falls into their laps.

The Robots Are Coming

For job interviews, you first receive an autogenerated link. You log into the ‘interview’ at the time of your choice. Not every interview is video-based, some are text-based too. And the bots ask questions in a line of symmetry, one after the other until the machine runs out of questions. For instance, tell about yourself, your previous experiences, your interest in the position, and company, etc. Your complete interview is recorded by the bot and then analyzed by the human resource team to figure out whom to invite and whom to hire.

AI for recruiting is good because it:

  • Saves Time of The Recruitment Team
  • Removes Bias
  • Finds Potential Candidates
  • Improves The Recruitment Procedure
artificial intelligence robot

To tell you further, the Sweedish recruiters wanted to conduct unbiased job interviews so they designed a robot called Tengai to do this job for them. The company worked for four years to design a human-like computer interface that could imitate human recruiters.

Our Suggestions

It would be a smart decision to put some keywords and searchable phrases in your resume to help bots automatically pick your resume first. Once you are in an interview, ensure to speak confidently because the bots also pick your voices’ pitch. These are AI for hiring tips.

We strongly believe that the use of artificial intelligence in the human resource department can bring many opportunities to you. Do you remember the last time you got ignored by a firm without any evident reason? Probably the team did not review your resume or maybe the reason was most bizarre. To overcome this practice, the human resource team is incorporating artificial intelligence to transform its core operations.

But, how do you incorporate AI into your business? Reach out to our experts because we can help you understand AI and how it’s beneficial and harmful.