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5 Free APIs to Build Robust Apps

  • Post published:February 3, 2021

You may be asking yourself; what are the best free APIs out there?

There are billions of smartphones with over 200 million in the United States only. Innumerable mobile services are built on APIs to such an extent that they rely on them to function properly. The below image clearly demonstrates the strategic growth of APIs in the social space.

5 Free APIs to Build Robust Apps 1

APIs are happening and you have been traversing the web for it. Without further ado, we will back you up with a list full of free APIs.

But, prior to the commencement, you must get across what exactly is an API. And then we share some of the best free APIs, once you have found the potential hidden in them.

What is an API?

You have the world at your fingertips, would you believe?
Connectivity is causing such a state, a marvel. What is it that you can’t purchase from the market to connect with the world? You get everything from desktop to devices; you’re allied with the world like never before.
Have you ever thought about how does your message goes from here to there? How does the data go from here to there? How do devices connect?
The not sung hero of the connectivity is the API.
An API refers to an ‘application programming interface’ that stays behind the scene but makes all of the connectivity possible.
Assume API is a postman who takes your letters to your loved ones to inform them about how much you miss them and then get back to you with a reply from them. Easy much!
In technical terms, it is the messenger that takes requests from you, informs a system of the functions you require to perform, and then returns the response to you.

5 Free APIs to Build Robust Apps 2

5 Free APIs to Build Robust Apps

Believe it when we say that putting a mobile application together, that’s not peanuts. You must have seen some remarkably designed mobile applications with robust features. You can have such apps designed too. If you require to add certain features from their projects, you can simply integrate their work by using APIs.

Gary Hoberman says that the

“APIs allow different systems to talk to each other in a seamless, fast fashion.”

Developers around the world use these APIs to easily access critical information and pay full attention to other priorities instead. As they tend to transform an industry, here is our list of some of the most useful free APIs to build robust apps.
These best free APIs can be used to design robust apps and you must use any of these to achieve maximum increase in the functionality of your app.

5 Free APIs to Build Robust Apps

1- Open Weather Map API

It is one of the best free APIs that gives current & forecast weather data collection. The current weather data is updated online based on more than 40,000 weather stations. You get information on the following:

  • Current Weather Data
  • Hourly Forecast 4 days
  • One Call API
  • Daily Forecast 16 days
  • Climatic Forecast 30 days
  • Bulk Downloading
  • Road Risk API
  • Global Weather Alerts/push notifications
  • 5 Day / 3 Hour Forecast

But, you get to collect loads of data on historical weather in any location on the earth and maps for multiple cities. This APIs popularity is 9.9/10, Latency 386ms, and Service Level 100%.

2- RAWG Video Games Database API

RAWG API is the largest open video games database for you to get access to data about video games. You can get to:

  • Search for over 300,000 video games on 50 platforms
  • Extract data about video games such as publishers, developers, genres, descriptions, etc.
  • Get links to all digital stores, find games, powered by our machine learning algorithm

3- REST Countries v1 API

With this API, you get information about the world’s nations. It’s from the best free APIs that lets you retrieve either given countries or all countries:

  • Currency
  • Capital city
  • Calling Code
  • Region
  • Sub-region
  • ISO 639-1 Language, Name, or Country Code

Its popularity is 9.5/10, latency is 468ms, and the service level is 100%.

5 Free APIs to Build Robust Apps 3

4- Telize API

Telize is one of the best free APIs that offers a way to probe the IP address and the location of a web visitor. It is a geolocation API that can be integrated inside the already written JavaScript code block of an HTML website page.

5- ZeroBounce API

You would not like to target invalid email addresses because your sending reputation will be compromised. ZeroBounce API removes invalid email addresses from your list, keeps it unique, and reduces the email bounce rate.
If you don’t want your messages to end up in the spam folders or blocked by the ESPs, make use of one of the best free APIs o augment your mass email marketing ROI.

Above All

Mobile app development has been a daunting task for developers ever since it came into being. But, only APIs make the development stress-free. You can add the top already existing feature into your apps to keep your customers happy.
We know that you are addicted to awesome, we are too!
Do you want us to build an awesome mobile app for you? We always try to deliver excellence regardless of what we develop.
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