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10 Reasons for a Successful migration from Windows to Linux

  • Post published:September 18, 2020

Thinking to migrate from Windows to Linux? Well, you’d be surprised to know that almost 9,740,000 searches appear as per the latest numbers and that too on Google alone for “migrating from Windows to Linux.” If you are here, reading this. then you must be one of the curious minds.

Take a quick trip with us to know the benefits, we have gathered everything for you.

For greater stability and reliability, you have to follow the latest technology trends. The recent trend is to switch quickly from windows to Linux. But don’t be too hasty to make the decision. Because we are going to make a realistic analysis together. Linux and windows are often compared when it comes to an established and trusted mainstream system. However, if you are still thinking that why do we migrate from Windows to Linux? Here are some of the reasons.

The Force is Strong – Migrate from Windows to Linux

There are many reasons for migrating to Linux. Many companies and businesses switch to Linux from windows for many underlying reasons. First, you have to understand the reason behind the switch. Only then, you can make an informed decision. If you have an organization, and you want to do migration at a bigger level, then it is crucial to know about your intended results.

Recent market trends reveal an upgrade in the usage of Linux as the fastest growing operating system in the world. It is vital to mention that almost 31% of revenue is credited to the servers that are using Linux. Not only that, but the open-source community rejoices the innovation and flexibility that comes with quality results after using Linux.

Told you!

10 Reasons for a Successful migration from Windows to Linux 1

Let’s unravel the compelling reasons that push people to migrate from Windows to Linux.

Don’t miss out on the benefits because you’re going to dig these awesome advantages that come with migration from Windows to Linux.

10 Reasons for a Successful migration from Windows to Linux 2

10 Trailblazing Reasons – Make the move to migrate from Windows to Linux

  1. It’s Free!! An open-source operating system to provide security, reliability, and powerful working without spending even a single penny. Imagine the amount you’d be saving your future self.
  2. You can be sure about the data safety of users on Linux. Data security is one of the most important things about Linux.
  3. Have the leverage to use the Linux system on any hardware without any constraints. Don’t change any hardware system, migrate today!
  4. Linux is considered user-friendly and easy to use. Get rid of all the hassle and complexity, including the stress of migrating from one system to another.
  5. Many people worry about the drivers, while they use the windows system. With Linux, drivers are getting direct support from the Linux kernel.
  6. The main purpose is to attract the users and the Linux interface is one the most talked-about benefits and features when it comes to its unique selling points.
  7. Linux offers its own software repository and app store. Now, who wouldn’t want direct access to get apps?
  8. You can save so much time, because, with the help of Linux, You can update within minutes. No slow updates and no waste of time. (A BIG YES!)
  9. With 88% of the businesses shifting to the cloud, it is important to mention that Linux supports hybrid cloud. Say yes already and Get started!
  10. In the recent future, many businesses are going to make a shift from Windows to Linux. This will be a futuristic move on your part to migrate from Windows to Linux.

Some people have mentioned about the “Linux community” that will help you with the migration. Do you want to see those Linux enthusiasts? Maybe post a tweet, because I’ll be doing the same just about now!

10 Reasons for a Successful migration from Windows to Linux 3

Take action and migrate from Windows to Linux

To get your teeth into this migration with remarkable benefits. You have to get started and make the final move!

Linux is considered to be the best operating system for small businesses and organizations, not because of its Free. But it offers cost-effective solutions with its amazing features. It’s like a Full Package!

Linux distribution allows you to use your preferred computing with lightweight features. If you want to test the power of Linux, get on to experience a cost-efficient system with greater flexibility without changing hardware.

You can hire technical developers from any remote engineering company if you don’t have an expert in-house team. Its always good to get the best, to experience a 100% secure pathway for your organization.

If you still have some queries related to, “How to migrate from Windows to Linux?” Tell us here!