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5 Stronghold Areas of Development with Python

  • Post published:January 1, 2021

Be it Python Web Development or app development with Python, the language is without a doubt one of the most popular and versatile programming languages in the world. Coders love the fact that Python offers seamless reliability and ease of implementation and maintenance.

Did you know that development with Python Python isn’t just popular with app developers or website developers? In fact, the popularity of Python can be realized from the fact that besides these two areas, python is considered a stronghold in other areas as well. Its widespread usage, the ability to offer consistent functionality and efficacy makes it a favorite in a wide range of fields. Let’s explore together what the 5 stronghold areas of development with Python are:

1) Automation:

The number one stronghold area of python is automation. Automation refers to the use of automatic equipment or software in everyday situations. Automation is highly prevalent in sectors such as banking and its importance is only increasing. Even in businesses, there are certain tasks that are repetitive, and investing in them doesn’t really make sense.

5 Stronghold Areas of Development with Python 1

Hence, automation comes into play in tasks such as sending out emails, data entry and even recruitment. Developers working in this sector prefer Python due to its ease of use and reliability.

2) Data Sciences:

Python is highly used in the area of data science as data scientists primarily prefer it because of its simple syntax. A simple syntax allows data scientists to collaborate across organizations and also to communicate with other people.

5 Stronghold Areas of Development with Python 2

Development with Python success in data sciences can somehow be attributed to statistical models and how the language works with them. Python’s ability for deep learning allows data scientists to deal with large amounts of data with ease. Data science is a field that’s complex and Python with its deep learning structure allows an easier approach towards the field.

3) Artificial Intelligence:

Python leads the area of Artificial Intelligence, as AI developers love the language due to a wide range of reasons. The major reason for its popularity is the fact that it has prebuilt libraries for scientific computation and machine learning.

5 Stronghold Areas of Development with Python 3

The libraries allow smooth development when it comes to AI and is preferred by a mile by AI developers over other languages. Besides, the python community in AI is immense and you can easily get help over countless forums online dedicated to Python.

4) Audio Applications:

Python is the king when it comes to developing audio applications. Numerous music software/applications have been developed on Python. Spotify & Bluemindo are one of two software that really stood out in the world of music. Both were developed in Python.

5 Stronghold Areas of Development with Python 4

The basic reason why developers prefer Python to develop music applications is because of the fact that it offers libraries such as PyDub & OpenCV. These libraries allow building audio streaming apps with excellent functionality.

5) Games – Development with Python:

Although, Python doesn’t fully dominate this field but has a good amount of arsenal when it comes to gaming. The world of gaming is seeing highs that none of us could ever imagine a decade ago. Python allows you to make versatile games, thanks to its library PyGame. Some of the most popular games include EVE Online which is a massive online space exploration game and one can’t forget Battlefield Heroes.

5 Stronghold Areas of Development with Python 5

Gaming has advanced a lot so it depends on what kind of game you’re looking to develop. Make sure to look at other languages as well as the requirements for your game matter a lot and you might need to go with another language.

In a Nutshell:

There’s a reason why we didn’t mention the website and mobile application development as Python’s strongholds even though they can be easily considered. The fact that Python is so dominant in other areas, it’s highly important that you know which language to use when you’re ready to invest in your next project. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for automation or investing in AI, Python can be your stronghold as well!

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