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Python Vs. JavaScript – Dominance in AI

  • Post published:January 22, 2021

Are you looking to decide on Python vs JavaScript for your next artificial intelligence project?

The Artificial Intelligence takeover is inevitable. All business sectors have started to realize the efficacy of AI and how it can improve business processes. Data suggests that the marketing sector in any business is the most impacted sector. Although, nearly all sections within a business have seen a difference in terms of productivity and manual error reduction.

It’s no secret that AI will soon be integrated into a wide range of business sectors. As a developer, it’s natural to get into the field as the demand is there and possibilities are endless. It’s widely known that Python vs Javascript is two object-oriented languages that are currently leading the field of AI development. However, they both have their pros and cons and it’s important you know which one to choose.

Let’s try to make the decision together regarding Python vs Javascript and which one to choose for AI?

Python vs JavaScript:

Let’s take a look at how Python vs JavaScript is working out in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Python is a high-level interpreted programming language that is object-oriented making it easy to read. Its implementation along with dynamic semantics makes it a powerful programming language in developing a wide range of applications. In essence, Python can be used as an extension within other languages used in scriptings such as Rubey and Pear.

Selection of the language in Python vs Javascript performance also depends on what your company requires and what preference you have.


JavaScript is also an object-oriented programming language popularly used in creating dynamic websites and mobile applications. It is a widely used language because of the fact that its functionality extends over what CSS & HTML offers. With object-oriented programming being its forte, the language delves into other paradigms such as functional and imperative programming.


JavaScript uses node.js for scalability. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows scalability. It follows an event-based model that allows using full resources when it comes to processing. All requests in node.js are processed simultaneously which helps in achieving scalability.

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Python on the other hand uses Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) which prevents Python to carry out multiple tasks at one time. This means that Python runs a single thread at one point in time which obviously slows down the entire process. Python can achieve scalability through coroutines that support asynchronous functionality.


Python is widely acknowledged for its multiple modules and libraries. It has a wide range of libraries that can be used in AI development. Libraries such as for machine learning, scientific processing are commonly used by AI developers. TensorFlow and PyTorch are some of the most popular machine learning libraries for Python development.

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JavaScript has plenty of libraries for machine learning, data analysis as well as scientific processing. However, it is generally known to have fewer modules. Most features in JavaScript can be achieved through a host environment. Some of the popular libraries within JavaScript AI include MI.js.


Values associated with a JavaScript object are known as properties. An object itself has a collection of unordered properties. These can be changed, added, and even deleted. Python much like JavaScript has attributes given to objects. Attributes in terms are described by data variables. Properties in JavaScript in essence are special attributes that have the getter, setter, and delete methods.

Python has an edge over integrated hash tables also known as dictionaries. JavaScript doesn’t support hash tables. Python vs Javascript in terms of properties should be a straightforward decision.

Variable Types:

A major difference between Python vs JavaScript is that JavaScript has floating type variables only. Using only floating type variables can be a disadvantage for developers as it can hinder the ability to create objects. Python, on the other hand, has several types of variables such as int, fixed int, float variables.

Online Support:

Online support for both programming languages isn’t much different. Python vs JavaScript both have large communities and their developers regularly keep on updating libraries, fixes, and code updates.

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As mentioned before, Python vs JavaScript both have object-oriented and functional properties, this means a multiparadigm approach for programming. However, Java has extra things such as class definitions and single inheritance. These dimensions can make JavaScript a little harder to code.

Python on the other hand is user-friendly for coding. It is generally known to be a language that can be easily used to code. All elements such as commands or functions are arranged in a sequence which makes it easier to execute code.

In a Nutshell:

Python vs JavaScript are both viable programming languages for the development of AI applications. They both are quite similar in terms of implementation. However, the selection of a programming language largely depends on the kind of project you’re working on and what business needs are in front of you.

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