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5 Essential React Tools

  • Post published:March 31, 2021

What are some of the popular tools for React Development?

React is a great tool to develop applications with an interactive UI. When it comes to application development, React has firmly cemented its place in creating interactive UIs and is widely used in development circles.

The framework comes with encapsulated components that have the ability to manage their respective states and then compose to make effective UIs.

popular tools for React Development

If you want to master React, it’s essential for you to have a firm grip over some of the major tools for react development. Here are some of the React developer tools you can use to further make the development process efficient:

Tools for React Development – Reactide

Reactide is an IDE for web application development exclusively designed for React. It is a cross-platform desktop application that opens a single React JSX file while at the same time rendering it in the browser. This makes the entire process efficient as well as simple. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated Node Server which eliminates the need for built-in-tools and server configuration. One of the best features of Reactide is that it offers live-representations of project architecture and offers visual editing support.

Tools for React Development - Reactide


Storybook is a tool used for fast iteration and UI component testing. Storybook can be your best friend in React development as it helps in visualization of states for each component of your application. This enables you to ensure upto mark testing of UI interactions. The tool allows creating stories for each component and carries out testing effectively. The best part is that Storybook is used in testing workflows as well as integration with various other tools. Lastly, it is easy to set up and configure.


React Developer Tools

One of the most common tools for react development is ‘React Developer Tools especially’ designed for react development. The tool is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to debugging and to observe component over component influence. Furthermore, React Developer Tools allow you to examine Component Hierarchy, State and much more. React Developer tools are open-source and can almost be considered a prerequisite to development with React.

5 Essential React Tools 1


Modularity is a parameter that makes the development process simple to test and efficient to maintain. Bit is a modular software that precisely delivers this as it is a React tool that converts modularity into real-time commodity and offers dependency support management. It can also be seen as a collaborative tool within a team as it allows team units to share as well as handle code components across different projects. Bit comes in the form of an extension and is easily integratable with excellent language agnostics.

5 Essential React Tools 2

React Sight

React Sight is a tool through which you can see your app in a flow chart structure. You can visualize your React apps in the form of a live component hierarchy tree structure. By hovering over nodes, you can simply retrieve links for each component which will allow you to reach the exact hierarchy on the tree.

Again, React Sight is open source and no setup is required. It also comes in with plenty of built-in filters that avoid all sorts of deviations.

5 Essential React Tools 3

In a Nutshell

Mastering React Development requires you to master the above mentioned tools. The above combination of five tools for react development enables you to deliver your work in the most efficient way possible.