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5 Ways to Overcome Struggle to Learn Code

  • Post published:April 27, 2021

The popularity of software and Apps have pushed millions of students to seek their future in this field. While doing so, they pursue a Computer Sciences (CS) degree, and that’s when they face a struggle to learn code. As a beginner, facing challenges in this field is almost inevitable as you need tons of practice to comprehend this relatively new concept.

The coding difficulty, if it persists, can trouble you. But, before you go through all this, here are some quick tips to act as a savior in this situation

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Tips to Overcome Struggle to Learn Code

Tips to Overcome Struggle to Learn Code

Apply Your Learning

In the beginning, coding is more of a fun task as it sounds like simple mechanics, where you are introduced to the tools you have got in the box. It focuses on the basics such as tool names and functions of the tools, which makes it pretty doable at the first glance. As soon as you’re exposed to the next level of programming, where you have to program a Tic-Tac-Toe or build a house, the problem persists for many young learners.

All this happens as students need to grasp the concept of the contextualization of different tools and practice them to keep it up with this relatively new idea. The easy way of doing it is simply to break down the complex looking tasks and learn the contextualization in chunks.

Learn in Group

The idea of learning programming remotely works well these days as all the lectures have turned out interactive enough to make it look like a less monotonous task over time. Previously, the idea of learning a program through online programs was quite challenging as any question that pops into your mind would take you miles away from the plot.

Unlike this, group learning or programming boot camps are a super-effective answer to your struggle to learn code. This way you don’t have to self-teach everything yourself but learn the most difficult concepts by simply engaging and asking questions from your group mates.

Learn in Group

Set Goal for Yourself

The first question that comes to almost every beginner’s mind is how long it will take them to become a developer? The question itself pushes the learning back and challenges the beginner’s approach. In most cases, students straightaway go ahead investing in 10+hrs learning it – the idea might be good for a while but in longer-run such drastic measures backfire with leaving students no longer interested if they fail to achieve quick success.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day – becoming a full-fledged developer is an ongoing task and that may have many laps to cross before getting right there. So to overcome this struggle to learn code, focus on setting learning goals for yourself and then make efforts in the right direction to achieve these little milestones.

Change Your Approach

Coding is all about codes, not the shortcuts. Many young CS learners might find it pretty easy to copy code from anywhere without even understanding the idea. This works well for a while but is well short of being labeled as a complete solution for those who struggle to learn code.

The biggest setback is it becomes your approach over time and as soon as you are given more tasks, you’ll approach them with a similar mindset. The best approach towards learning codes is asking the right questions and practice until it all turns out to be super-easy for you.

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In the Nutshell

The above-mentioned tried-and-tested tips work miraculously to battle out the struggle to learn code without getting yourself over-burdened for a while. vteams is home to remote engineers – see how their business process works.