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Spark: An Ultimate Tool for Data Engineering

  • Post published:October 21, 2021

Are you exploring a reliable tool for data engineering? Have you ever heard about Apache Spark? Do you know what’s the use of Apache Spark? If we give you a simple explanation of it, Apache Spark is an influential open-source engine created around useability, speed, refined analytics, APIs in Java, Scala, Python, R, and SQL. With spark, you can run any program up to 100x quicker than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x speedier on disk.

What is Apache Spark for beginners? What are the main features of Apache Spark?

Read this article further and you’ll know how Apache Spark is one of the most popular data engineering tools.

spark tool for data engineering

Spark: A Reliable Tool for Data Engineering

What is the main purpose of data engineers?

The primary job of a data engineer is to prepare any data for analytical or operational uses. They work within complex environments and perform challenging tasks using the most popular data engineering tools for data extractions.

Here are some more tasks that a data engineer does:

  • Obtain datasets that adjust with business requirements
  • Generate algorithms to remodel data into valuable, actionable data
  • Create, examine, and manage database pipeline structures
  • Cooperate with administrators to learn the company’s goals
  • Generate different data validation techniques and data interpretation tools
  • Assure compliance with data governance and protection plans

Furthermore, a data engineer earns about $119,855 per year in the United States as per

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Is Spark a reliable tool for data engineering?

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Apache Spark!

Apache spark is a compatible data processing platform and an ultimate tool for data engineering to simplify the work environment. It provides a platform to organize complex data pipelines and provides a powerful tool for retrieval, data storage, and transformation.


  • Trustworthy
  • APIs are great
  • Multi-language support
  • Lazy execution
  • Easy transformation
  • Open-source

The Bad:

  • Difficult maintenance
  • Problematic debugging
  • PySpark UDFs are slower
  • Tough to assure Spark parallelism computations

The Ugly:

  • Fewer features

What are the main features of Apache Spark?

Following are the comprehensive features of Apache Spark:

features of Apache Spark

1- Strong Catching

Its simple programming layer delivers powerful caching and certain disk persistence capabilities.

2- Speed

Spark proves itself to be a reliable tool for data engineering by maintaining its speed 100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce, Kafka, open stack, Solr, and many more for large-scale data processing.

3- Real-time

Spark provides real-time computation and a low latency rate due to in-memory computation.

4- Deployment

It is programmed to deploy through Hadoop via YARN, Mesos, or its cluster manager.

5- Polyglot

It provides facilities for writing code in four different languages: Java, Python, R.Spark, and Scala.

How can data engineers benefit themselves with Spark?

Are you a data engineer and exploring reliable ways of acquiring benefits through Spark? Following are the few main benefits you can extract with Spark, an ultimate tool for data engineering.

  • Spark converts data types into a standard format; its data processing allows different types of input data and utilizes resilient distributed datasets (RDDs), data formats for advanced data processing.
  • It connects you with different data sources like databases, cloud sources like Amazon S3, data streams, Hadoop file systems, web services, static files, and data streams.
  • Apache spark is one of the most popular data engineering tools to write different programs that can access, transform and store data. It involves programming languages to integrate spark code without any assistance.
  • Spark provides different functions to perform complex transformation functions along with ETL-style data cleaning. It assists data engineers with high-level APIs that allows clients to write reviews or queries in SQL.
  • It integrates different tools like data graphing, data arguing, data discovery, and data profiling.

How does Spark Optimization work?

Before understanding how Apache Spark Optimization works, understand its architecture. Below are a few points that elaborate how Spark is the ultimate tool for data engineering.

The architecture of Apache Spark

The Apache Spark contains a layered form of architecture through which different spark components and layers are intermingled. Its architecture relies on the following two main abstractions that integrate different extensions and libraries.

  • Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD)
  • Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)
Architecture of Apache Spark

1- Spark Driver

A spark driver converts your program into scheduling or distributing tasks for executors.

2- Spark Cluster Manager

A cluster manager is the core of Spark, and it allows or launches executors. A professional spark cluster manager schedules jobs and actions in the Spark application.

3- Executors

Executors are also known as slave processes that deal with individual entities that involve individual tasks to run a particular job. It runs the life cycle of spark applications after its launch.

How is Apache spark unique for data engineers?

Are you concerned about its uniqueness? Compare it with Hadoop infrastructure that is essential in the rise of data systems.

1- Standard

Are you aware of computing and storage resources? If yes, you know Spark is paired with Hadoop through the YARN suite to manage interfaces and provide both computing and storage resources. Spark offers different tools for data processing, and Hadoop manages a large amount of storage with affordable prices and scaled computing storage nodes.

2- Accept data of different sizes and formats

Spark supports data integration. Hadoop offers a variety of low-level capabilities, and Spark provides a comprehensive, tailored environment with raw materials and saves analytics workloads.

Accept data of different sizes and formats

3- Support comprehensive methods and users

Spark supports operations in a stack, accesses raw forms of data, and interacts with the Hadoop file system. Spark is not a single model to achieve goals but built from the ground to provide multiple approaches while manipulating architectures as a reliable tool for data engineering.

Wrapping Up

Apache Spark is an open-source distributed tool for data engineering and is a popular framework for real-time streaming and in-memory batch processing.

Are you demanding a query optimizer and execution engine? Apache Spark optimization processes and analyzes comprehensive datasets. Rely on Apache Spark optimization techniques to run without careful tuning or degradation of performance.

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