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Mid Project Engineer Transition

  • Post published:November 12, 2013

Bilal-Ahmad-mid-project-developer-transitionAt vteams we profile candidates so we understand their goals and commitment to a client. This was the case with a client using offshore developers along with a vteams resource. The client loved our candidate and couldn’t say enough about his abilities. He was dedicated, experienced, and got the job done. However, the client was surprised when halfway through the project our engineer gave a one month notice. Worried the project would suffer delays since they would soon lose someone who was closely connected to their work, the client contacted us to seek out a solution. We welcomed the chance to implement a smooth transition, and recommended another vteams resource, who although didn’t’ have the same level of experience was just as dedicated to his work.

Our outgoing engineer followed the right protocol by giving advanced notice about his departure. And for that we were appreciative. It gave us time to bring the second engineer up to date in strategic stages. During the first week, engineer number one transferred knowledge to his replacement. The second week was filled with an observation period. Upon week three, the two traded positions with engineer number one taking on the role of observer. Finally, during week four the replacement engineer was ready to work independently. This transition is a great example of maintaining a client’s trust through a seamless project transition.  The second engineer had big shoes to fill too as his predecessor was recognized as an industry stand-out. To date however, the client is satisfied with the replacement which is largely due to an effective changeover process.